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Minecraft's best builders are on this server

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Modified 06 Nov 2020, 04:45 IST

Hermit Craft is the Minecraft server with all of the best builders in the world.

Eight and a half years ago Minecraft player, Generikb, launched Hermit Craft.

This survival multiplayer server, SMP for short, was made with the intentions of bringing together the most wholesome builders YouTube had to offer. Today, that means 27 unique YouTubers ranging from 57 thousand subscribers to nearly six million. Across each and every member, a few things stand out from other content creators of their ilk, the sheer magnitude of projects that the Hermits put themselves through, and the speed at which they complete them.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

What makes these builds stand out above the rest is that they're all completed in survival, and on camera, thanks to third-person alt camera accounts that the hermits use to raise production quality. Seen above is Grians' "G-Mansion", an on-going project as of this article, is made up of nearly 200,000 blocks all farmed by hand in survival.

A small portion of season 7
A small portion of season 7's shopping district. Image via Minecraft

How do they have time to build and gather all of the resources by hand?

Fans of the series will know that early on, it was an issue trying to juggle proper SMP play with builds that only increased in skill as time went on. How the hermits solved it? Creating a shopping district at the world spawn every season.


Season seven's shopping district currently boasts an impressive 60 open shops, with at least each player having a shop of their own. The price to pay is diamonds, they run the economy of the hermitcraft server, and the goods to grab are anything from cheap building blocks to customized "vinyl record covers."

Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft

Yes, those are jungle trees surrounding this absolutely massive base. MumboJumbo's well executed vision for this base is that of an ancient temple housing a still beating heart, kept alive by future archaeologists who have suspended the base with some sort of mystical protection. Each of the eight spires surrounding this base contain hundreds, if not thousands of blocks ethically sourced from iron golem farms.

FalseSymmetry's cyber punk tower. Image via Minecraft

Their bases are beautiful and on an insane scale, but 27 YouTubers is a hard number to keep up with.

Luckily for anyone who takes a fancy to these wholesome hermits, there is a fan channel dedicated entirely to keeping up with what all that the creators are up to. The HermitCraft Recap posts weekly content that shows enough of each hermit's projects throughout the week in a succinct and organized video, condensing up to 15 hours of footage into something readily available to view in one sitting.

For any players looking to get inspiration for extreme building, terraforming, or even minute details, there's someone on the server who'll be able to help out for sure.

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Published 06 Nov 2020, 04:45 IST
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