Mobile Legends Bang Bang: MLBB Tier list for December 2023

MLBB tier list
Check out the best champions from this MLBB tier list (Image via Moonton Games)

The MLBB tier list becomes all the more crucial as a developer, and Moonton Games keeps adjusting the Mobile Legends Bang Bang meta to keep things interesting. Certain champions fall in and out of the meta because of these frequent adjustments. Therefore, knowing the right meta-champions helps in getting the perfect picks for every match.

Since the M5 World Championship kicks off this month, the community is waiting to find out the current best-performing champions in the title. Check out our MLBB tier list for December 2023 to increase your chances of winning.

MLBB tier list can help you find the best champions in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Best Mobile Legends Tanks


If you want to roam around the map and help your teammates everywhere, Tanks should be your first-choice champions. While they don’t help much in healing allies like Supports, Tanks are the most durable heroes in the title.

The best Tanks in Mobile Legends Bang Bang will often absorb the enemy ultimates to save the squishy Mages and Marksmen in combat. The following are the best Tanks since the latest patch update.

  • S tier: Uranus, Minotaur, Baxia, Khufra
  • A tier: Fredrinn, Tigreal, Akai, Edith, Gatotkaca, Lolita, Atlas, Gloo
  • B tier: Franco, Hilda, Johnson, Hylos, Grock, Balmond
  • C tier: Grock, Esmeralda, Alice
  • D tier: Ruby

Best Mobile Legends Mages


Mages are the brave heart champions that keep pushing through the Mid Lane while defending allied turrets and helping junglers with the buffs. While they inflict heavy damage, especially after reaching the fourth level, these squishy champions are not the best picks for beginners.

So if you are not a pro but your team needs a guardian in the Mid Lane, you can choose the top-tier Mages from the MLBB tier list below.

  • S tier: Valentina, Pharsa, Kagura, Odette
  • A tier: Chang’e, Harith, Alice, Cecilion, Eudora, Yve, Novaria, Valir, Alice, Lylia
  • B tier: Gord, Vale, nana, Esmeralda, Zhask, Esmeralda, Cyclops
  • C tier: Lou-Yi,Vexanna
  • D tier: Aurora

Best Mobile Legends Fighters


Finding the best Fighters in Mobile Legends Bang Bang is incredibly hard due to the ever-changing meta. Besides harboring low HP with a low range, these champions are often extremely hard to learn for beginners.

However, this MLBB tier list will only rank the Fighter champions based on their performance in the current meta.

  • S tier: Chou, Terizla, Paquito, Hayabusa
  • A tier: Lapu-Lapu, Yu Zhing, Thamuz, Dyrroth, Zilong, Yin, Alpha, Hilda, Masha
  • B tier: Silvana, Sun, Balmond, Badang, Roger, Aldous, Ruby, Leomord, X-Borg
  • C tier: Alucard, Jawhead, Argus
  • D tier: Freya

Best Mobile Legends Assassins


Assassins are squishy champions with high damage output and a knack for ambush attacks. Mobile Legends Bang Bang already has a range of champions with high damage output. However, Assassins stand out as they emerge out of nowhere to grab retreating enemies by the neck.

While solo-pushing squishy champions are their favorite targets, Assassins often land one-shot Tank kills in the late game. Check out the best Assassins from the MLBB tier list below.

  • S tier: Saber, Ling, Aamon, Lancelot, Nolan
  • A tier: Guison, Bendetta, Arlott, Karina, Fanny, Hanzo
  • B tier: Kadita, Natalia, Joy, Harley
  • C tier: Helcurt, Selena
  • D tier: Yi Sun-Shin

Best Mobile Legends Marksmen


Marksmen champions often take care of the Gold Lane. These adored ranged champions often progress through the lane aggressively, with the responsibility of pushing for their team. These champions, however, need to farm first in the early stages to unlock their ultimate.

Since the Tanks and or Supports start from their lane, Marksman champions get the support required to be alive in the early game. Therefore, these champions often become immensely overpowered in the late game and become capable of carrying their entire team at that time.

However, since the opponent Junglers can come charging at any time, you should be careful about your surroundings while pushing.

  • S tier: Melissa, Moskov, Karrie
  • A tier: Miya, Bruno, Lesley, Brody, Popol and Kupa, Wanwan
  • B tier: Natan, Roger, Claude, Layla, Ixia, Irithel, Clint, Edith
  • C tier: Beatrix, Granger
  • D tier: Kimmy

Best Mobile Legends Supports


Best Supports in Mobile Legends Bang Bang are among the most underrated champions. These roamers have the immense capability of healing allied champions and nerfing enemy champions. Heroes like Angela, Mathilda, and others in this MLBB tier list help the squishy champions in jungling, or Mages or Marksmen in Mid or Gold Lane.

Here are the best-performing Supports in the current meta.

  • S tier: Mathilda, Floryn
  • A tier: Angela, Faramis, Estes, Rafaela
  • B tier: Diggie, Camilla
  • C tier: Nana
  • D tier: Franco

Rankings in this MLBB tier list are based on the current performance of the champions. The latest patch update had a huge impact on the rankings. However, some of the B or C-tier champions can give tough competition to the top-tier champions, given that you have invested enough time in them.

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