Monster Hunter Rise Bleed guide: How the reworked debuff will work in Sunbreak 

Monster Hunter Rise will see the return of Bleed with its latest expansion Sunbreak (Image via Capcom, Steam)
Monster Hunter Rise will see the return of Bleed with its latest expansion Sunbreak (Image via Capcom, Steam)
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Monster Hunter Rise has been one of Capcom's best-selling games, only seconded by the previous game in the series, Monster Hunter World. With the recent announcement of the expansion Sunbreak and it bringing back the 'Bleeding' status back to the game, players have been left very intrigued.

The Bleeding status ailment in Monster Hunter is nothing new. Although Bleed was dropped for the base Monster Hunter Rise experience, it has returned to the game with its newest expansion, but has been slightly altered.

Exploring Monster Hunter Rise's Bleed effect and its altered form in Sunbreak expansion

The Bleeding effect


Bleeding status is Monster Hunter has always been very straight forward. When inflicted with Bleed, it will continuously keep draining the hunter's health when they try to perform any action.

Although many of the elemental ailments can be weaponised against monsters, Bleed remains an exception in the series as it cannot be used in a similar manner.

The damage amount is dependant on whether the hunter is moving, attacking or dodging, with each of these actions dealing different amounts of damage at different intervals.

Almost every elemental status like fire, lightning, water, poison, etc., can be weaponised by crafting or upgrading the weapons along the path of the said elemental status. However, Bleed remains to be the only one that cannot be weaponised or used against monsters.

Essentially, its the only status effect where monsters can damage hunters, not the other way around. If this stays the same for Sunbreak or players will finally be able to craft and weild weapons that deal Bleed damage, remains unanswered. This will only be clarified once Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases on June 30.

Changes that have been made to Bleed in Sunbreak

In #Sunbreak, the Bleeding system has been slightly altered. When Bleeding, actions performed will fill up the Bleeding Buildup Gauge, translating to one instance of extra damage inflicted when you're hit with an attack. Crouching removes this effect.- Suzuki, Sunbreak Director

According to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's director Yoshitake Suzuki, "The Bleeding system has been slightly altered."

He noted that when players are inflicted with Bleed status, they will fill up a 'Bleeding Buildup Gauge' with every action they perform, which will result in players receiving one instance of extra damage when getting hit.

While this might seem overkill for a status ailment that partially limits player mobility, Suzuki also noted that the Bleeding Buildup Gauge is the only instance when players will receive damage, unlike traditional Bleed. Also, this status can be negated by crouhing.

Going by that, the Bleed effect in Sunbreak feels a lot like how it works in Dark Souls and Elden Ring, with a meter that fills up with every other hit and results in a single but massive instance of damage. It will be interesting to see how this pans out for the Monst Hunter series.

Which Monsters in Sunbreak can inflict Bleed

Seregios is a returning flying Wyvern that is known to being able to inflict Bleeding status on the players (Image via Capcom)
Seregios is a returning flying Wyvern that is known to being able to inflict Bleeding status on the players (Image via Capcom)

So far, there is at least one returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that is known to inflict the Bleeding status, Seregios. The monster is a flying Wyvern with its body being covered in sharp scales called "Bladescales."

Seregios is a returning monster from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and can launch its Bladescales to deal damage as well as inflict Bleed status. The monster can also inflict Bleed via its wide range of other attacks, including claw dives and bloodscale shots.

What is new in Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise is a game of versatility and freedom. Players are given a host of weapons imbued with different elemental statuses and armor sets to customise their own hunting experience.

Monster Hunter Rise's newest and biggest expansion, Sunbreak being right around the corner, with even more weapons, armor sets and obviously, a bunch of new monsters to hunt.


With new monsters comes a new status ailment called 'Bloodblight' which is essentially the Bleed effect but with a twist. It is mainly inflicted by Sunbreak's flagship monster Malzeno.

This debuff gradually drains the hunter's HP, while also reducing the amount of health regained by healing items. The added new mechanic that differentiates it from Bleed is the ability to regain lost health by landing successful hits on the monster while being inflicted with Bloodblight.

the Sunbreak expansion is shaping up to be one of the biggest expansions in Capcom's Monster Hunter history, much like its predecessor, Iceborne.

This is especially anticipated due to the return of Bleed and some fan-favorite monsters like Gore Megala, Espinas, Seregios, Astalos, and Shogun Ceanataur, as well as a new trio of monsters exclusive to Monster Hunter Rise.

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