How to obtain the Nox Flowing Hammer in Elden Ring

Obtaining the Nox Flowing Hammer in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring and Johnny Mytho/YouTube)
Obtaining the Nox Flowing Hammer in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring and Johnny Mytho/YouTube)

In Elden Ring, every weapon brings something new to the table. Whether it's a unique basic moveset or the skills that they come equipped with, each armament allows players to change their playstyle and add a bit of versatility to how they go about exploring the secrets of The Lands Between.

One such unique and popular weapon is the Nox Flowing Hammer, which has enchanted the player base with the skill that it boasts.

The Hammer comes with a weapon art called Flowing Form, which allows the player to elongate the weapon and use it as a whip. This effectively increases its range of attacks and makes dealing with mobs and enemies who are huddled together significantly easier.

Players who have invested Runes in leveling Strength will find the hammer quite handy as it scales primarily off of Strength and Dexterity.

While highly sought-after, obtaining the hammer in Elden Ring isn't the most straightforward process. Here's how to get it.

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Obtaining the Nox Flowing Hammer in Elden Ring


Unfortunately, players will not be able to obtain the Nox Flowing Hammer early on in Elden Ring. Players will need to progress through the game's narrative before coming across this weapon.

More specifically, they will have to invest a fair bit of time in completing Ranni, the Witch’s subquest. This will unlock the area where the hammer is available.

The weapon is present in Nokron, and to get it, players will first need to:

  • Accept Ranni’s quest and then look to defeat Radahn, the Starscourge, who is present in Redmane Castle in eastern Caelid. He is one of the hardest optional bosses in the game. As his damage nerf bug was recently fixed in a patch, he is as menacing as ever. Players may find that taking him down is a challenge if they are not appropriately prepared.
  • After defeating Radahn, a short cinematic will show a star falling from the sky and landing somewhere in Limgrave. Players will now need to make their way to Fort Haight where they will find a giant hole right in front of it. Upon carefully descending downwards, players will eventually be able to reach Nokron, the Eternal City.
  • Upon reaching the new underground area, the Elden Ring Tarnished must now start clearing the area and jump across several building tops and platforms to finally reach the Night Sacred Ground Site of Grace. This is one of the main areas in Nokron that players are advised to explore to get more valuable loot than just the hammer.
  • After activating the Site of Grace, players will then need to take the stairs to the right till they find themselves in a room with two Nox Monks as well as a Silver Tear Ball. After defeating them, they will then need to ascend the ladder to the back right of the room. Players must proceed to the right of the Altar, till they reach a passage that leads into a room locked in a Gargoyle Fog Wall.
  • Now turning right and going halfway down the corridor, they will see a roof path with windows and a single Tear Slime inside it. Upon going through the unbarred window, they will need to travel across the roof until they reach a shingled section. Here another unbarred window will be present, which they must jump through. Here, players will be able to find the Nox Flowing Hammer just sitting there.

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The Nox Flowing Hammer is considered to be one of the best Strength scaling weapons in the game, which even comes with a good deal of versatility when dealing with different situations in the game. It’s as effective against bosses as it is in clearing out mobs of enemies and dungeons, making it a viable choice.

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