Outriders class guide: Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in-game for Challenge Tiers

Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in Outriders for Challenge Tiers (Image via Outriders Fandom)
Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in Outriders for Challenge Tiers (Image via Outriders Fandom)
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Players who enjoy setting the battlefield ablaze in Outriders have come to love the destructive nature of the Pyromancer class in-game. The class excels at setting opponents on fire and burning them till there's nothing left but ash and cinder.

This class is well suited for AOE damage and crowd control, with skills such as Heatwave, Ash Blast, and Overheat. While not the "tankiest" of characters in Outriders, the Pyromancer class can dish out some smoldering damage while keeping a moderately safe distance from the action.

Despite not being well fortified like the Devastator class, the Pyromancer can be kitted and loaded out to take on Challenge tiers solo in Outriders. For now, some players reading this may be wondering, "What exactly are Challenge Tiers?"

Well, to put it simply, Challenge Tiers replace World Tiers for Expeditions once players finish the campaign. To raise the Challenge Tier level in Outriders, players will need to reach certain medal thresholds in Expeditions. With each new tier unlocked, the chances of getting better gear improve.

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With the basics out of the way, it's time to talk about the best Anomaly Pyromancer build in Outriders for Challenge Tiers, which many players are using in-game to fiery effect.

Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in Outriders for Challenge Tiers

Before players can go about burning enemies to ash, a lot of farming will be needed to collect the items and mods needed to complete the build. The Acari Set for Pyromancer is probably the best set players can obtain in-game for the class.

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With that out of the way, it's time to talk about the skills, weapons, armor, mods, and class points players will need for this build.


  • Heatwave - Summons a fiery wave that deals damage and inflicts "Burn" onto all enemies in its path.

  • Ash Blast - Creates an Anomaly blast to inflict "Ash" on all enemies in a large radius around you.
  • Overheat - Deals a little damage to all enemies in a large radius and Interrupts their skills. Enemies afflicted with "Burn" receive additional damage, and the "Burn" will be consumed.

With this combination of skills, players can burn entire mobs of enemies easily; however, keep in mind that elites will probably not go down immediately.

It's recommended to use Heatwaves, followed by Ash Blast, and Overheat after the previous skill has been active for a bit. Rinse and repeat for maximum effect while playing as a Pyromancer in Outriders.

Weapons with Mods

  • Deathshield - When used in conjunction with "Fortress" and "Shadow Comet" mods, this weapon becomes a go gun for combat. Elites that survive the skill casts can be picked off easily with this weapon.
  • Funeral Pyre - When kitted out with the same mods, this weapon becomes a handy alternative gun.

When used in conjunction with skills, these weapons are amazing at picking off enemies that survived the initial encounter.

Armor with Mods

  • Helmet of the Acari - The "Fire Tsunami" and "Burnt Out" mods increase the width of the firewall and cause enemies to take more damage.
  • Armor of the Acari - The "Detonator" and "Ride the Wave" mods help decrease the skill cooldown and allow the "Heatwave" skill to be cast once more time before cooldown.
  • Waistcloth of the Acari - The "Anomaly Echo" and "Captain Hunter" mods are particularly useless for increasing anomaly powers and dealing increased damage to elites.
  • Battlefield Surgeon Gloves level 50 - The mods "Pants of Fire" and "Master Consumer" provide insane benefits to the "Overheat" skill.
  • Patriarch Boots level 50 - The "Ash increase Range" and "Death Sentence" vastly improve the "Ash Blast" skill, alongside weapon and anomaly damage.

Class Points

Players will need to invest heavily in the Tempest branch of the class points to maximize this Pyromancer build in Outriders.

These are the recommended class points players should invest in.

  • Archmage X 5 - Increase Anomaly power by 6%.
  • World Ablaze X3 (Taking one point from Ash Breaker branch) - Reduce the cooldown of Explosive skills by 15%
  • Gifted X2 - Increase Weapon damage and anomaly power by 5%.
  • Extinction - Increase damage by 20% against enemies below 30% health.
  • Inferno Bullets - Firepower is increased by 15% of the anomaly power.
  • Mark's Cumulation - Increase skill damage by 10% against marked enemies.
  • With Fire and Rifle - Activating explosive skills increases the weapon damage by 45% for 10 seconds.
  • Wild Fire and Anomaly - Activating explosive skills increases Anomaly power by 12% for 10 seconds.
  • Wildfire - Decreases skill cooldown by 10%.
  • Unquenchable - Increase your Skill Leech by 6%.
  • Phoenix Nestling - Upon losing all health, players will receive a second chance to return to the battlefield with 50% Health. Phoenix can revive players every 180 seconds.
  • Conflagration - Increases Resistance Piercing by 15%
  • Flames That Burn Twice - Increase damage against Elites by 10%.
  • Grave Ablaze - Increase explosive skills base damage by 30%

This build aims to maximize anomaly power, which benefits the skills that will burn through entire mobs while playing as a Pyromancer in Outriders. However, keep in mind that since this build focuses on damage output, players should keep an eye out for low health during engagements.

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