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Outriders tips and tricks: Best mods and combat methods to level up quicker

Image via Outriders
Image via Outriders
Modified 07 Apr 2021

These Outriders tips and tricks serve players best when taken seriously, since not having a good plan can lead to a situation where leveling up is nearly impossible.

There are times when the World Tier is not too hard, but rather the player is taking risks they shouldn't, and doesn't know any Outriders tips and tricks to keep them. Thankfully, most players share the same routine to improve their chances of surviving and leveling up faster.

It is ideal for Outrider players to select Priority Targets and attack first, switching from one to another according to the situation. Don't lose sight of the most immediate threat, and don't be afraid to change targets.

The best Outriders tips and tricks remind players to stay aware of their surroundings in the heat of battle. It doesn't feel terrific for a player to kill a stronger enemy, only for one of their minions to take the player out shortly after. As long as players have crafted good weapons, this kind of awareness in battle will serve them well.

Players must not forget the importance of crafting. Taking their items to a crafting station and adding mods is the difference between survival and death. Nothing is more frustrating than dying because you did not prepare the right equipment for a fight.

Players should level up their build as their world tier increases. Without crafting, players will get stuck. They should have equipment with mods that support their playstyle.


Many players are frustrated with mods because they kill enemies in hopes of getting the mod they need. There are ways to search for mods without relying on luck. Weapons and equipment sold by vendors have mods built-in.

Instead of looking for great weapons or armor, players should look at the mods each item has. If they see a mod that they want, they can buy the item and then dismantle it. It will remove the mod and allow players to place it on weapons and armor of their own choice.

Players should stick to these rules in Outriders. By using these Outriders tips and tricks, the player will continue to level up. By following this advice, players will also avoid being in a position where they are hopeless.

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The best Outriders tips and tricks won’t help if players don’t utilize the best mods

If players want to be successful in Outriders, they need to pay attention to their mods. Mods are like skills or abilities that can be changed or moved around items that use them. Few mods that are better than others should be by default in a player's equipment.

All good Outriders tips and tricks guides will have Perpetuum Mobile in them. In essence, Perpetuum Mobile is an auto reload mod for weapons. The description for this mod is:

“You instantly replenish your magazine if you kill an enemy with 35% or less ammo remaining in your magazine”

Two mods almost do the same thing but are hard to choose between. There are two mods, "Bone Shrapnel" and "Minefield," and the player should select the mod that suits their playing style.

The description for Bone Shrapnel is:

“Killing shots detonate the enemy’s bones and turn them into shrapnel that deals (depends on player) damage and inflicts Bleed on enemies within a 5 meter radius.”

The description for Minefield is:

“Killing shots span explosives around your target, each deals (depends on player) damage in a 5 meter radius”

So basically, once an enemy is defeated, an explosion occurs that causes nearby enemies to take damage. If the player wants more explosions, they should choose Minefield, but if they want more lasting damage, they should select Bone Shrapnel.

Phantom Dash is a necessary feature for every player's boots. Many of the best Outriders tips and tricks for leveling up involve spamming this mod. Instead of Dodge Rolling, the player becomes invisible and moves swiftly in one direction.

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The description of Phantom Dash is:

“During combat your default roll is replaced with Phantom Dash which enables you to quickly pass through enemies.”

This dash doesn’t last long, but it’s long enough for players to escape a bad situation where they are surrounded.

Generally, mods should help players aid in their playstyle, but it usually isn't one size fits all. These mods allow players to stay within their set and playstyle while still enabling them to work well in teams or alone. Following all of these Outriders tips and tricks will keep the player in the top spot in Outriders.

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Published 07 Apr 2021, 19:56 IST
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