Lifeline rework in Apex Legends: What we know so far

Lifeline Rework in Apex Legends
Lifeline Rework in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment II YouTube/Bobz)

Respawn Entertainment is rumoured to be working on a Lifeline rework in Apex Legends. Code-named Lifeline Revived, the community has anticipated this rework for a long time and it seems the developers have lent their ears to the player base. They are trying to fulfil Lifeline’s role as a Combat Medic and the recent changes to her kit during the Shadow Society Event are the first steps towards this endeavor.

The news was first leaked six months ago by a play tester @TruthSerum26, who confirmed this new set of abilities for Lifeline. Although these new abilities are subject to change before release, this article will run you through everything we know about the upcoming Lifeline rework in Apex Legends.

Everything you need to know about the Lifeline Rework in Apex Legends

As per the latest leaks, here is a list of all of Lifeline’s abilities in Apex Legends:

Lifeline rework in Apex Legends (Image via Bobz/YouTube)
Lifeline rework in Apex Legends (Image via Bobz/YouTube)

Passive: Combat Revive

Deploys D.O.C to revive teammates, leaving lifeline free to defend.

The passive for lifeline remains unchanged and still stands as a strong ability among support class legends in Apex Legends. Even though there’s no revive shield like the good old days, the following new tactical and ultimate makes up for the lack of a revive shield.

Tactical: Mobile D.O.C Drone

The Drone Of Compassion (DOC) attaches to your teammates and heals them on the go.

Upon deployment, the drone might attach itself to Lifeline or her teammates following them around and healing them on the move. This can be a critical ability that keeps you alive while trying to fall behind cover after taking damage.

Also, her new perk Tactical Cooldown++, allows her to always have her drone at hand. With this ability, she can indefinitely have her drone following her around and healing her throughout the game.

Ultimate: Stay Back!

Overcharge D.O.C. to push back nearby enemies and create a protective barrier.

This ability could create a dome around her drone, pushing enemies back. Much like an inverted Horizon's Ultimate: Black Hole, this dome will not let enemies push through it, giving her precious seconds to not only shield and heal but revive her teammates without being pushed.

Seemingly overpowered, the ability is balanced since the drone can be shot down, so placement of the drone around safe corners or doors is going to be vital for its effectiveness.

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When is Lifeline rework in Apex Legends coming?


Initially, this Lifeline Rework in Apex Legends was planned for Season 22. But since the new map District and the new Legend Alter are already scheduled for release, Lifeline Revived might be pushed back for Season 23. This puts the release date around October 2024. This is speculative and subject to change since there is no official announcement.

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Developer Notes regarding Lifeline rework in Apex Legends

The folks at Respawn Entertainment are constantly changing the meta to test and balance the game for fair competitive gameplay. While this can be challenging and complicated, the removal of her care package weapon was vital to control the power spike she got in the game.

Here’s what the developer had to say about making Lifeline more viable as a Combat Medic in more competitive and ranked plays:

"Gift Wrapped was a pretty strong choice that revived a lacking Support pick in higher levels of play. However, it didn’t feel entirely on brand for our combat medic and it led to some issues controlling the power spike and frequency of Care Package weapons."

It added:

"We’ve replaced this with a more deterministic draw for gold items that Lifeline can use to support her squad. Rapid Response was also a popular choice; let’s see if a cooldown-free DOC makes this decision more interesting."

This covers everything we know about Lifeline rework in Apex Legends so far. If you’re interested in the game, consider checking out our other Apex Legends articles:

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