The Dead Space remake story explained

Dead Space remake has a fascinating story backing up the scares (Image via EA Motive)
Dead Space remake has a fascinating story backing up the scares (Image via EA Motive)

Dead Space remake is out now, and fans are immersed in the world and storytelling of this universe. Many are familiar with the twisted narrative of the game responsible for Issac's desperate situation. For new players, however, this story is quite gripping and detailed.

The Dead Space remake pits Issac Clarke against a slew of monsters of unknown origins. The mystery is uncovered with each passing chapter in the game, and the players can piece together the precursor to the chaos that ensues throughout the Dead Space remake. The game has a meaty story and many aspects that work in tandem to deliver a robust sci-fi horror tale.

Note: This article contains spoilers for the Dead Space remake. Viewer discretion is advised.

Demystifying Dead Space remake's lore and events


The events of the Dead Space remake unraveled in 2508. Humanity has evolved and has leveraged technology to mine resources from faraway planets. The downside of this evolution is that the Earth lacks any valuable resources. This led to the construction of giant spaceships termed' Planet Cracker' to conduct mining operations on other planets.

One such mammoth shuttle is the USG Ishimura. The journey begins when engineer Issac Clarke and his crew receive a distress call from the ship. The following teammates accompany Issac:

  • Zack Hammond (Security Officer)
  • Kendra Daniels (Technical Expert)
  • Johnston (Corporal)
  • Aiden Chen (Corporal)
"Isaac, it's me. It's all falling apart here."How far are you willing to go to save the people you love? #DeadSpace

The distress call is given due consideration, and the mission becomes a priority since Issac's wife, Nicole Brennan, is a doctor stationed at the USG Ishimura. The team is perplexed to find no soul when they eventually land in the docking bay of the 'Planet Cracker.' The team gets ambushed by a mysterious creature that manages to kill Aiden Chen.

At this point, Issac is secluded from his teammates. There is no way left but to venture deep into the spaceship and investigate the source of these atrocities. Escaping the ship is the end goal once the creatures are dealt with. Thus begins the real journey of exploring the harrowing areas of the USG Ishimura. Issac even reunites with her wife at a certain point in the game.

Feels so good to be back onboard The USG Ishimura with Issac Clarke!! They absolutely nailed this Dead Space remake!! #Xbox #DeadSpaceRemake

Issac soon begins to fix parts of the ship and uncovers some secrets. He learned that USG Ishimura was in the middle of a mining operation. The ship is floating around the planet called Aegis VII.

The disturbing revelation is that the planet had a human colony placed under Quarantine many years ago. Despite these conditions, the ship's crew were mining to acquire 'Red Marker,' a mysterious artifact.

As players progress the story further, it is revealed that there is a 'Black Marker' on the planet Aegis VII, which is the actual artifact, while the 'Red Markers' were artificially created by humans.

The Red Marker (Image via EA Motive)
The Red Marker (Image via EA Motive)

The 'Black Marker' is a type of teleportation device that has the potential to unleash necromorphs wherever it lands. Another threat is a 'Convergence' event that will result from red markers being activated by the necromorphs.

The degree of destruction and the fundamental nature of 'Convergence' is unknown. Evading this event's occurrence is complex as an entity known as the Hive Mind is empowering the necromorph outbreak. Issac realizes that transporting the red marker from USG Ishimura to the black marker on Aegis VII can seal the powerful entity for good.


Issac accomplishes the goal of defeating the hive mind. However, Issac is distraught when he realizes that his wife had died before he set foot on USG Ishimura. The person he encountered was a different doctor and not his wife. The red marker was responsible for mind-controlling Issac and corrupting him.

The Dead Space remake is a perfect opportunity for new players, and EA Motive has added many difficult options to make it lucrative. The game even features an impossible mode for veterans who wish to elevate their stakes against necromorphs.

The Dead Space remake is attracting both veterans and newcomers alike. It has become a unique focal point for gamers of all generations and has led fans to discuss the potential for a Dead Space 2 remake. The remake is a complete overhaul and is a visual treat for horror fans.

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