Top 10 Elden Ring mods on PC

One of the bosses in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware)
One of the bosses in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware)

Elden Ring has been out on PC and consoles for a little over two months now. The overwhelmingly positive response from gamers across all spectrums has catapulted the latest FromSoftware game to one of the most popular titles in current times.

It is no surprise that modders on PC have come up with tweaks of their own to spice things up and iron out some of the kinks. The real appeal of mods stems from the fact that everyone can fine-tune their experience according to their own needs and preferences.

Suffice to say, the modding community surrounding Elden Ring is not as bustling as the ones for Bethesda RPGs. However, a fair few mods have popped up for the latest Souls game that gamers on PC can use to alter their experience. These mods' offerings range from minor tweaks to full-on overhauls to some of the gameplay mechanics.

10 best Elden Ring mods to download on PC

Before installing any Elden Ring mod on your PC, it must first be ensured that the game is running in offline mode. If the game detects that you are using mods while connected to multiplayer servers (even if you don't actively interact with other players), it will presume you're cheating and irreversibly block your account from accessing multiplayer content again.

In this regard, the Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher is the go-to utility tool to force the game to run on PC with mods with no hiccups. Another nifty mod that is essential for running a wide array of other mods is the Elden Mod Loader. Once it is installed, download and move whatever mods you wish into the “mods” folder of your Elden Ring game directory.

Now that the foundation stones have been laid, let’s move on to the top 10 Elden Ring mods that PC players can get their hands on so far.

1. Easy Mode for Elden Ring


While Elden Ring is not as uncompromisingly difficult as the previous FromSoftware titles, anybody whose first Souls endeavor is this one is bound to have a tough time progressing through the game. The Easy mode mod reduces incoming damage, increases the damage inflicted by the player, and a whole lot of other things to make the game considerably easier.

2. Pause the Game


The quintessential feature of a Souls game is its menu system, which keeps the game running in the background. The Pause the Game mod does exactly what its name suggests. With a user-configurable keybind (default: P on PC), players can pause the game and take a breather.

3. Item and Parameter Randomiser


This mod randomizes the stats and functionality of nearly all items in the game. With shuffled item drops and scrambled weapon stats, it provides a way like no other to experience Elden Ring in subsequent playthroughs.

4. Grand Merchant


The Grand Merchant mod alleviates the need to painstakingly track all the other merchants in the game world. Almost every in-game item is available in Merchant Kale’s stock, including spells and gestures.

5. Enhanced Moveset Utility


The EMU Light - Enhanced Moveset Utility mod is a godsend for players playing the game on PC with a keyboard and a mouse. It does the following:

  • Removes innate input delay from Rolls (Using a dedicated roll key makes the roll begin on keypress rather than key release).
  • Pause key (automatically navigate you to a menu section that actually pauses the game. Press again to unpause).
  • RPG style magic hotkeys (Create a dedicated hotkey for each attuned spell that selects and casts it with one press).
  • Additional buttons for Controller using a dedicated Switch button that changes the functionality of all other buttons when held.
  • Roll and R1 cooldown (Adjust action queue behavior by creating a cooldown time when consequent rolls or R1 won't register).
  • Automatic and manual Save file backup (Save file is backed up on EMUL launch and on the press of a backup hotkey)

6. FPS Unlocker


Other than uncapping the 60-FPS cap of Elden Ring on PC, the nifty FPS Unlocker tool can also be used to increase Field of View (FOV) and for a plethora of camera improvements.

7. Magic Overhaul – Sorceries


As players approach the late stages of the game in the vanilla Elden Ring’s playthrough, only a handful of spells remain relevant. The Magic Overhaul –Sorceries mod aims to overhaul the sorcery system and introduces new spells while fixing the ones already in the game. This results in many nuances in the builds for a sorcerer playthrough.

8. Prepare to Die (Hard Mode)


This is for the masochists and the most hardcore of gamers. The Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) mod ups the difficulty of Elden Ring by a couple of notches. Enemies can deal more damage, can hear you from further away, and are a tad smarter. With enemies having improved stats and AI, the old tricks will not work.

9. Elden ReShade - HDR FX


Elden Ring’s graphics is nothing to scoff at. Yet, the Elden Reshade - HDR FX mod elevates the visuals by introducing very precise HDR lighting effects to the game, among other things.

10. Ranged Weapons Rework


According to the mod creator,

"This mod aims to rebalance most of the game’s ranged options, such as the Bows, Great bows, Crossbows, Ballista, and throwing weapons."

This mod can make archer builds much more viable in the game.

If you like playing your games with mods, you should check out some of the above-mentioned mods.

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