Top 5 four-star DPS characters in Genshin Impact

Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur
Alan Sahbegovic

Some four-stars can make for excellent DPS units in Genshin Impact.

While having five-star units is ideal, it would be unrealistic to assume that every player would have them. Although not every player has certain four-star units, it's still far more likely for them to own one as opposed to their five-star counterparts. It should also be noted that this list is strictly for a character's ability to provide DPS for the team.

As it's focusing solely on DPS capabilities, certain characters won't qualify, as they focus more on boosting the potential of other characters' DPS, as opposed to dealing the damage directly. Both main DPS and sub-DPS characters will be considered, as both fulfill a useful niche in a player's Genshin Impact party.

Top five four-star DPS characters in Genshin Impact

#5 - Bennett

Image via The Gaming Genie
Image via The Gaming Genie

Bennett is arguably the single best support unit for a four-star unit in Genshin Impact. Unsurprisingly, his support capabilities also makes him a competent DPS unit in certain situations. He shouldn't be a player's sole DPS option in Genshin Impact, especially since he can help boost a superior DPS option like Razor's damage to obscene levels.

By himself, Bennett can deal impressive Pyro damage, especially in conjunction with his Elemental Burst. His Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact allows the party to gain an attack bonus based off of Bennett's attack.

#4 - Xiangling

Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)

Xiangling was available several times as a freebie unit that players could add to their party. As a result, she's a unit that's easy to slot in into most teams. However, Xiangling stands out far above a free Pyro unit like Amber in that she legitimately excels as a solid DPS option.

Her Fourth Ascension passive allows players to increase the party's attack by 10% when picked up for ten seconds. Plenty of other units get better bonuses (like Bennett), but it works with Xiangling's Elemental Burst. This, in turn, makes her a better main DPS option if players have no better five-star alternative.

As she is a Pyro user, she can easily be in a team with Bennett (a top tier support unit) to create a Pyro Elemental Resonance, further increasing the team's attack by 25%. Plus, her Elemental Burst stays when she swaps out, making her a phenomenal sub-DPS option at times.

#3 - Noelle

Image via PC Gamer
Image via PC Gamer

For most Genshin Impact players, Noelle is just a shield bot. While Noelle's shields are amazing, her potency in dealing damage is equally fascinating when her constellation is maxed out. At her max constellation, Noelle's attack is increased by 50% of her defense when she uses her Elemental Burst.

Her Elemental Burst greatly improves the range of her regular auto attacks, and building up the energy to do so isn't difficult. Combine all of this with her amazing tankiness, and one should realize that Noelle is capable of taking on a lot of battles on her own. Unfortunately, this does require max constellations, which is something most players won't have.

#2 - Fischl

Image via PCGamesN
Image via PCGamesN

Fischl is a phenomenal sub-DPS option in most fights. All she has to do is pop her Elemental Skill and bounce. It'll take the player a second and it's astonishingly effective when she's built right. Alternatively, players can activate her Elemental Burst to leave Oz on the battlefield, which means that the player could almost always have the lovable raven by their side in any Genshin Impact battle.

If a player needs a unit with a bow or Electro, then Fischl can also fulfill that role quite nicely. Even if the moment is brief (such as to get the jumpstart on an enemy far away), it's still a useful characteristic to Fischl's favor.

#1 - Razor

Image via Jioforme
Image via Jioforme

Razor is a selfish DPS unit, but that doesn't mean that he's a bad one. If players build around Razor's strengths, then they should find that he can be an excellent main DPS option in the majority of Genshin Impact's fights. With excellent physical and Electro damage, Razor can easily shred through hordes of enemies like very few units can in Genshin Impact.

One of the best ways to utilize Razor would be to have a Cryo unit in the party to easily activate Superconduct. For those that don't know, Superconduct is an Elemental Reaction involving Cryo and Electro, with the main benefit being that the inflicted damage has 40% less physical resistance.

All a player would have to do is have the Cryo unit inflict their element onto an enemy and then swap to Razor. It's easy to do, especially since there are many good Cryo units in Genshin Impact.

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