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Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for survival

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube
Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube
Modified 19 Nov 2020, 02:18 IST
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Seed selection can heavily influence a Minecraft Pocket Edition player's in-game experience when taking on a new survival adventure.

Every Minecraft seed is unique and contains it's own naturally generated biomes and structures. With over 4,294,967,296 seeds to chose from in Minecraft Pocket Edition, the options can seem incredibly overwhelming.

There are 66 different biomes that can occur in Minecraft, just in the Overworld alone. To help players best prepare for their perfect survival journey, knowing what a seed has to offer beforehand is crucial.

This article will be showcasing five of the very best seeds for survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for survival

#1 6 Unique Biomes at Spawn

For Minecraft players who are unsure where to start exploring first, this seed is a perfect option. In this seed, the player will spawn in a desert biome that is directly surrounded by five other biome types.

There is a bamboo forest, badlands, shattered savanna, and more, all within walking distance from where the player spawns into the world.


The structures and places to pillage are just as numerous as the number of biomes. There are four villages surrounding the spawn, eight different temples, two outposts, an exposed skelton spawner, and so much more to explore.

For players who decide to select this seed, they should keep their eyes peeled for exposed fossils!

Seed: -1337710146

#2 Quad Spawner & End Portal at Spawn

This seed sets Minecraft players up with everything they need to succeed in order to make it to the End and beat the game. One of the villages near spawn in this seed, has a Stronghold with the End Portal beneath it. This means that players know exactly where they will have to go in order to face the Ender Dragon.

Perks of choosing this seed include being able to quickly gear up with the nearby structures, farm up experience quickly for enchants, and to utilize trading with villagers for ender pearls.


Seed: -1566532233

#3 5 Spawners At Spawn & A Double Nether Fortress

What is better than a quad spawner, why a five spawners of course!

Here players are able to efficiently grind out experience from mobs with five spawners all close together. These mob spawners could be quickly transitioned into something reminiscent of an automated experience farm.

There are also plenty of villages and a shipwreck to plunder. One of the biggest features of this seed is a double Nether Fortress that players can take on, once they have geared up from all the other features in this seed.

Seed: -1139685576

#4 All Biomes

For players who truly enjoy the adventure and exploring aspect of Minecraft, this seed would be a perfect selection. In this seed, practically every single biome in the game is available to explore by players.


A mushroom island, jungles, mesa, savanna, taiga, and flower forest, are all close by, just to name a few. Players could build their own civilization that crosses countless different biome types.

This seed was an incredible discovery and worthy of some new survival playthroughs. As a fun note, this seed is reminiscent of the one being used for Hermitcraft Season 7.

Seed: 1072988533

#5 9 Villages, 4 Outposts, 5 Biomes, 3 Temples

Why grind out for new equipment or tools, when you can plunder them from structures instead?

This seed would allow Minecraft players to engage in adventure and action focused gameplay. Building and gathering materials can be very relaxing, but at times they can also feel more monotonous and like a chore instead.

To gather weapons and armor, players could make there way through the nine different villages, three temples, and four outposts. With six different biomes to venture through and countless other secrets to find, this seed is an all-round winner.

Seed: 646887642

Published 19 Nov 2020, 02:18 IST
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