Top 5 Minecraft automatic farms

Image via Hüdaverdi Yılmaz / YouTube
Image via Hüdaverdi Yılmaz / YouTube
Modified 18 Nov 2020
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Minecraft automatic farms are a great way for players to passively grind out useful items and materials.

Automatic farms are builds that can be set up by Minecraft players to constantly gather new resources and items for them. Without a farm, players will have to manually gather crops by hand, or go out into the world and slay something like a Creeper to try and gather gunpowder.

If the goal is getting certain items, there is a far better way to do it. These builds take an investment in time to set up, but will save players hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in the long-term.

This article will be featuring five of the best automatic farms that a Minecraft player can add to their arsenal, in order to optimize their efficiency and fun.

Top 5 Minecraft automatic farms

#1 Wheat Farm

This is one of the most classic automatic farms in Minecraft, having seen countless updates and improvements over the years. Wheat is necessary for crafting all of the tasty baked goods found in Minecraft, such as bread, cookies, and cake. Instead of having to manually plant and harvest wheat, YouTuber Dusty Dude, has created a fully automated farm that will do all the work for the player.

#2 Hostile Mob Farm

Slaying hostile mobs is an exceptional way for Minecraft players to gather consistent items. Items of interest include bones and gunpowder, which can be respectively used to tame wolves and make nifty explosives.

However, what many players find to be more useful about a mob farm is that they can supply experience. Experience is the necessary resource used in order to enchant items.

#3 Iron Farm

Iron is used in countless builds throughout the world of Minecraft, and gathering it is typically a very time consuming process. Traditionally, the player would need to first find iron ore, mine it, create a furnace, smelt the ore with a fuel, and then wait. This farm by YouTuber wattles streamlines the entire process by cleverly using Iron Golems, with a fully automated process.

#4 Honey Farm

This automatic farm by YouTuber wattles will help any aspiring Minecraft beekeeper to get themselves into the honey business. This step by step process showcases exactly how a player can optimize a Beehive into pumping out lots and lots of honey.

#5 Slime Farm

Slimeballs are one of the more unique items in Minecraft, that are an essential component for crafting Sticky Pistons. This video by LogicalGeekBoy, shows how a Minecraft player can consistently farm Slimes in order to gather slimeballs as efficiently as possible. There is no need for a beacon with this build, so it removes some of the barriers to entry.

Published 18 Nov 2020
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