Gaming influencers give views on GTA 5 Online 'Enhanced and Expanded'

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The "enhanced and expanded" versions of the current GTA 5 and GTA online games will be released in 2021, Sony has noted in a press release. The announcement was made during Sony's 'The Future of Gaming' event, confirming the launch of the PlayStation 5. It didn't, however, show any footage of what the new version of the game would look like.

"GTA 5 and GTA Online will take full advantage of the PS5 hardware and its new technology, making the game more spectacular and adaptive than ever before, with a variety of technological changes, visual updates and performance enhancements," said Sony Entertainment in a press release.

Although another press release by Rockstar, related to the upcoming version of the game, did not mention any Microsoft console by name, it is nearly confirmed GTA 5 will also arrive in the Xbox Series X.

Gaming experts give their views on GTA update

MrBossFTW, a known gaming expert, said in his YouTube channel's video titled 'Enhanced And Expanded GTA 5 Online On PS5 - Map Expansion, FREE To Play, Better Graphics & MORE!' that a lot of GTA fans are going to be angry with this new version, if there isn't any new tangible content added. This is because only improving some features without contributing to the actual storyline would not be enough. He hopes that Single Player DLC is also added to the game.

Source: YouTube Thumbnail
Source: YouTube Thumbnail

He also quoted another gaming expert, named @TezFunz2, a lot in this video, with the latter recently tweeting this about the enhanced and expanded GTA version:

Additional GTAO content exclusive to next-gen consoles. New standalone version of GTAO available for free exclusively for PlayStation 5 players during the first three months. Starting today, PS Plus members on PS4 will get GTA$1,000,000 each month until launch of GTAO on PS5

Noted by both MrBossFTW and TezFunz2, Rockstar has also revealed that it plans to release GTA Online, the massively successful online portion of GTA 5, as a standalone game "only" for the first three months of its release. Let's wait and see if all these speculations are correct or not.

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