How to carry three primary weapons in a Warzone 2 Battle Royale match?

Warzone 2 players can carry three weapons (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 players can carry three weapons (Image via Activision)

Warzone 2 allows players to carry two weapons on the operator as their primary and secondary guns, but the new looting system seems to accommodate one additional weapon that can be used on the battlefield. Having a safety net to carry another weapon can be very beneficial, especially when taking a fight on the massive map of Al Mazrah.

A new method has surfaced on the internet, using which fans can carry up to three weapons using the backpack. This creates new avenues for players to explore with varying playstyles and new strategies to employ and take enemy operators by surprise.

Warzone 2 players can carry three weapons


Call of Duty Warzone 2 offers a new perspective to the Battle Royale genre as it provides equal opportunity for the entire player base with rewards that come with merit and ability. Most players face problems while participating in battlefield combat is the limitations of their equipped or collected weapons.

The choice of weapons is far too wide in the game to consider and allows only two guns that can fill multiple shoes and be versatile and flexible. It is essential to have three weapons that can excel in their intended ranges - close, medium, and long.

How to equip three weapons


Activision's latest introduced multiple changes, one of which includes a partial overhaul of Warzone 2's looting mechanics. The new system lowered the game's pace by introducing backpacks and inventory menu loot screens.

A new feature called "Stow" allows certain items and collectibles to be kept inside the backpack for use later as and when required. Players can access their inventory screen by pressing the keybind, where they will notice an extra slot dedicated to another weapon that can be stored.

It is a niche trick the entire community can employ to their advantage as this slot seems quite accessible, just like the primary and secondary weapon slots. Players can equip their usual choices like a staple Assault Rifle and Sub Machine Gun for these slots and stow away a Sniper Rifle for longer encounters. However, this can only be performed with a medium or large backpack found in strongholds or by looting off the map.


Players can quickly swap out the weapon they store in their backpacks and utilize it instead of going through the reload animation for the weapons in their hands. This handy tip can be used while fighting off multiple enemies at once.

By swapping out the backpack weapon, the weapon in hand gets stowed away and sacrifices its place in the primary or secondary weapon slot. This can be repeated to gain back the preferred weapons in the required slots and is subject to player preference.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is Activision's flagship as the title promises to redefine the Battle Royale genre. It came out almost three weeks after Modern Warfare 2 launched globally and paved the path for its counterpart to shine and bask in glory as it brings a stunning level of detail that introduces realism.

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