Warzone 2 receives more Buy Stations after Season 1 Reloaded patch backlash

Warzone 2 has a lot more Buy Stations (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 has a lot more Buy Stations (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone 2 was released by Activision a few weeks after its campaign multiplayer title was launched into the world. The former also kickstarted Season 1 for all the titles in the series and brought along the DMZ game mode as playable content.

Both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 recently received the Season 1 Reloaded patch that brought about various in-game changes and added new content to the game - starting with a new map, new operators, and cosmetics. One of the key changes that came into the Battle Royale is that the number of Buy Stations present on the map was slashed.

The entire community was sent over the edge with this update and a massive amount of negative feedback started flooding in. As a result, the developers quickly released a new update that doubled the number of average Buy Stations on the map to satiate the player base.

Warzone 2 has many Buy Stations now

📢 Yesterday's #Warzone2 update reduced the number of Buy Stations across Al Mazrah.A new update is now live that has doubled the average number of Buy Stations per match.Also, the Loadout Drop public event will occur during the 2nd circle, one circle earlier than before.

Activision wants to introduce the next generation of games with its latest series and changes in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Raking in ground loot and collecting the best weapons is an important aspect of any Battle Royale. Moreover, Warzone 2 also has an in-game currency that can be looted and used to purchase different equipment from Buy Stations.

The update also changes the timing for Public Loadout drops and will appear during the second zone closing itself. Players can get their hands on a complete personal loadout by accessing any one of these drops.

Here is a list of items that can be purchased through the Buy Stations, considering that one has collected enough cash.


  • Armor Plate - $400
  • Stim - $400
  • Throwing Knife - $500
  • C4 Equipment - $700
  • 3-Plate Armor Vest - $1,400
  • Trophy System - $1,650
  • Armor Box - $2,000
  • Revive Pistol - $2,400
  • Anti-Armor Rounds - 2,400
  • Durable Gas Mask - $2,900
  • Battle Rage - $2,900
  • UAV - $4,000


Players can buy the primary weapon from each of their premade weapon loadouts for a total of $5000 in-game currency. One cannot obtain the entire loadout from Buy Stations and need to loot Strongholds and Public Loadout drops for it.

Teammate buy back

Players can also buy back their teammates from the Buy Station in Warzone 2 if they expire both in-game and fail to clear the Gulag. Redeploying a teammate costs $4000 in-game currency.


The changes in Warzone 2 prevented players from buying back their teammates if the Buy Station was in Gas. This further reduced the number of Buy Stations and enraged the player base as collecting and using the in-game cash became second nature for many.

Making the accessibility limited would result in the usage of Buy Stations being overly competitive. Thus, it will remove the fun element of the game.

As a result, the entire Call of Duty community took it upon themselves to cite their disapproval of this unnecessary change on various platforms like Reddit and Twitter. The publisher quickly took notice of it and tasked the developers to deploy a new patch to meet the demands of the masses.

A fresh update was released that doubled the average number of Buy Stations that spawned in Al Mazrah. It seemed like a much-needed change since it made acquiring important pieces of equipment easier.

@RavenSoftware not exactly what we meant but ill take it :) thx guys

This concludes the latest patch for Warzone 2 that increases the number of Buy Stations. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates and detailed weapon build guides as we follow all the stories around Activision closely.

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