Best Field Upgrades to use in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Season 1 best field upgrades (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 Season 1 best field upgrades (image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is Activision’s latest jab at the Battle Royale genre of games that was recently released on November 16 to carry forward the legacy created by its predecessor. The game has introduced a fresh new map that features a wide variety of topographical changes for players to utilize and discover new playstyles and strategies.

Warzone 2 is currently playable on only one map, which is the massive geographical concoction of Al Mazrah. The constantly changing scenery of every region provides the perfect opportunity to utilize the new changes introduced in the movement and combat mechanics. The variations in combat styles that are available now also focus more on a strategic and tactical approach to all skirmishes across the field.

Field upgrades are a major category of utility that can increase the chances of a team winning a gunfight and result in them rising to victory in a match. There are a few field upgrades that can tip the balance in your favor more compared to others and it is important to equip or collect these when stumbled upon in the vast map of Warzone 2.

Field Upgrades have been divided into five tiers in Warzone 2


There is a list of options available in Warzone 2 for different archetype field upgrades that can help players in certain situations. These are special utilities that an individual can carry and deploy one at a time to gain a specific advantage over the enemy team that assists them in an imminent gunfight.

Field upgrades are available as loot throughout the map, but it is important to understand what each of them offers after being used and which one holds priority over the other in accordance with the gamer's playstyle.

Field Upgrades tier list

Let us take a dive into the specifics while placing the currently available field upgrades in Warzone 2 in different categories considering their uses.

  • S-Tier: Dead Silence, Revive Pistol, Munitions Box, Armor Box
  • A-Tier: Trophy System, Portable Radar
  • B-Tier: Recon Drone
  • C-Tier: DDOS, Deployable Cover, Suppression Mine, Battle Rage
  • D-Tier: Inflatable Decoy



These field upgrades have proved to be the most useful compared to others as they offer strong potential in helping out the players using them while trying to execute attacks against enemies. Dead silence masks the sound that a player makes while moving and temporarily increases their speed as well.

The Revive pistol is a great way to help out teammates when downed and when one is in a compromised position away from the rest of the team. The Armor and Munitions Box can help individuals take on prolonged and tedious fights against enemies without worrying about emptying their loot and precious armor.


This tier consists of field upgrades that can prove to be useful in some scenarios and is not exactly a versatile option in Warzone 2. The Trophy system can be utilized to destroy incoming grenades while defending in a confined and closed space on the map. Portable radar is a similar utility that can reveal the position of enemies in immediate proximity.



The recon drone is included in this tier as it can only be used for select scenarios. It leaves the operator completely vulnerable while it is being used. Moreover, it can be easily spotted and destroyed, which can quickly dismantle the strategy and blind the opposing team.


The field upgrades included in this tier are very niche and can be useful only in certain situations that are rarely found. DDOS is a short-range EMP burst that will silence the utilities and detect if there is an enemy in range while not revealing the position of the rival. The deployable cover is a good way to defend oneself from heavy fire but can be easily broken with concentrated fire from any weapon.

Battle Rage is such a utility that it requires an aggressive playstyle where fans love to take up fights and trample through enemy teams. The Suppression mine is another rarely used utility that can disorient players in its immediate area of effect. This mine can be shot and quickly destroyed, removing any advantages for the team.



The inflatable decoy is a new field upgrade that was introduced to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. While being a fun toy to play around with, it does not drastically increase the chances of a player winning a gunfight. It might fool a player or two and provide a general idea of their position, but that is the upper limit of what it can do.

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