What is the GTA Online Garage money Glitch?

(image credits: GTA Series Videos, youtube)
(image credits: GTA Series Videos, youtube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 18 Aug 2020

GTA Online is an absolutely massive job for any developer, and Rockstar Games has worked tirelessly to keep it as seamless an experience as it can get. The GTA Online experience is perhaps one of the most expansive in all of online multiplayer gaming and one that can be overwhelming, not just for the player.

Glitches and bugs are bound to make their way into a game as massive as this, but Rockstar has maintained a steady stream of patches and updates that plug all the holes in GTA Online before the game becomes unplayable.

One of the many reasons why Online games tend to decline after reaching a peak, is the persistent bugs, glitches and game-breaking issues that plague the multiplayer.

While some glitches can be exploited by crafty players in GTA Online to get more cash and RP, some render the game unplayable at times.

The newest glitch to pop up after the Los Santos Summer Special update in GTA Online seems to be one that allows players to make millions in mere minutes.

GTA Online: What is the Garage Glitch?

The latest glitch in GTA Online requires the players to have a couple of things before they can exploit the glitch, these include:

  • The most expensive CEO Office
  • Slot 6 and 7 available for Garage/Apartment

Once the players have the required items, they can exploit the glitch to make nearly $2 Million in just 3 minutes.

The reported steps being used by players are:

  1. Buy “Unit 124 Popular St” on slot 6 (players have to walk up to the sign for the glitch to work) and do the same with “Unit 1 Olympic Fwy” in slot 7.
  2. Pause Menu > Online > Creator,
  3. Once players load into Creator, Pause Menu > Online > Play GTA Online > Invite Only Session. Doing this way makes you load much faster than just finding a new session
  4. Go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate on the phone and buy the cheapest properties on slots 6 and 7.

(source: r/gtaglitches)

Rockstar has been able to plug glitches quite fast and because this seems to be one of the easiest ways to make north of a million bucks in GTA Online, they will probably try to nip it even quicker.

The game offers plenty of ways for the player to be able to make money and resorting to glitches should be the last thing on the player's options. It is simply that much more rewarding to grind and achieve success in GTA Online.

Published 17 Aug 2020
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