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What is Hot Bomb in GTA Online?

Take part in Hot Bomb. Image: YouTube.
Take part in Hot Bomb. Image: YouTube.
Modified 31 May 2020

If you are an avid follower of GTA Online then you must have heard of Hot Bomb. If you are curious to know what it is, then Sportskeeda has got you covered.

Hot Bomb in GTA Online

GTA Online provides you with a lot of different modes and with the Arena War update in GTA Online, came the Arena War Adversary Mode, Hot Bomb.In this mode, many players can unite and strive to be the last person/team standing. Hot Bomb can also be a part of your Daily Objective in GTA Online.

Before beginning the game you can choose between two game modes, namely, “Last Man Standing” or “Last Team Standing”.

If “Last Team Standing” mode is enabled, then the players are divided into two teams. These two teams are required to battle it out against the other. If “Team Balancing” option is activated by the host, then you can switch teams before staring the match.

Hot Bomb. Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom
Hot Bomb. Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom

You will be given the chance of selecting between an Arena Contender or Arena Ready vehicles and even choose a Custom vehicle if the host allows you.

When the game starts, a random player will be given a bomb. He/she will have to then pass the bomb to any of the opponent team member within one minute by establishing contact with their vehicle. If the bomb detonates and the player dies, then that player will have to spectate the whole match. They can still use means like traps and turrets to help their teammates get rid of their enemies. The team, whose member will be alive till the end, will win.

Variations of Hot Bomb

In Arena War theme, there are three types of Hot Bomb. They are:


·      Future Shock

·      Apocalypse

·      Nightmare

Map of the Nightmare Arena set up. Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom
Map of the Nightmare Arena set up. Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom

How to be a part of Hot Bomb

If you can’t wait to participate in the Hot Bomb in GTA Online, then here is what you need to do:

1.   Go to the Online tab in the game.

2.   Under “Jobs”, click on “My Jobs”.

3.   After this select “Rockstar created”

4.   After the “Arena War” mode opens, click on “Hot Bomb”.

Published 31 May 2020, 15:10 IST
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