"Why would ppl not want them": The Overwatch 2 community wants to bring back the Lootbox System

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Community discusses potential return of the Overwatch loot box (Image Blizzard Entertainment)

Many Overwatch 2 players worldwide have expressed discontentment regarding the current in-game shop skins’ pricing. Following the advent of Blizzard’s in-house 5v5 Hero shooter in 2016, players were in awe of the free loot box system. However, the developers discontinued this free reward system after releasing its next iteration, Overwatch 2. Since then, players have urged Blizzard Entertainment to bring back the freebie system.

In such a post on the Overwatch 2's subreddit regarding the discussion of whether players actually want the loot boxes or not, one fan answered:

“Why would people not want them?”
Comment byu/LIGHTNINGDGGRYT from discussion inoverwatch2

u/robertmennell also expressed their concern and agreed that Blizzard should bring back the free loot box system. They should at least include the normal skins instead of the event and shop-exclusive skins.

A fan commenting on the old Overwatch loot box System (Image via Reddit)
A fan commenting on the old Overwatch loot box System (Image via Reddit)

One Overwatch 2 player explained how most free-to-play players like them eagerly wait for the potential overhaul of the loot box system. Additionally, they mentioned that those who want to invest real-life money in this game are expecting a price drop on the in-game shop skins instead of this freebie system.

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A fan suggesting some ideas about the Loot box system (Image via Reddit)
A fan suggesting some ideas about the Loot box system (Image via Reddit)

u/-kayochan- shed some light on the fact that how easy it was for the Overwatch 2 players to collect the inventory skins of individual Heroes. However, it’ll be hard for the developers to bring back the same amount of excitement for the community.

Since most of the skins released till now are not up to the mark. It seems Blizzard has become lazy or must be out of ideas as they’re introducing the same old but recolored skins in the market for outrageous prices. They added:

"YES- I genuinley enjoy surprises, and I never hated them to begin with. It was always fun to open up the boxes and be surprised with the possibilty of the skin you were wanting. It was STILL rewarding because of the duplicate coins. If you didnt get what you wanted, and you collected enough dupe coins, you could just buy the skin. It was a fair system in my opinion even if it was sometimes frustrating to not get what you wanted."

The user went on to say:

"Sadly and realistically, I don't think its possible to bring back. The shop sucks, because imo the value of these new skins just dont show. The recolors s**k, the quality of the skins *sometimes* s**k and feel lazy compared to previous skin lines. When the only cosmetic worth $ are skins, and when THAT doesn't deliver, even bringing an old system back wont do much for anyone. I love the game of course, but I can't bring myself to spend money on the new content with this shop system."

Another user u/Wardoc58 suggested an idea to include old Battle pass skins inside the loot boxes. In such a way, Blizzard can keep the passes active with certain incentives, similar to HALO.

Comment byu/LIGHTNINGDGGRYT from discussion inoverwatch2

Among the flood of positive comments, u/Feeling_Party26 thrashed the community by mentioning how badly they were bashing Blizzard for numerous issues like a broken auto-ban system, poor ranking system, and more. However, when it comes to freebies, they’re urging Blizzard to bring an overhaul lootbox system. They added:

"It’s funny to see this because the gaming community as a whole was pissing blood and screaming at companies like Blizzard to get rid of them for years, now y’all want them back because the grass is greener for real."
"How many of you play Apex Legends for the loot boxes? Food for thought"

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Should Overwatch 2 bring back the loot boxes?

It’s a known fact that Overwatch 2’s current monetization model isn’t very satisfying for most of the community members. However, bringing back the good old loot box system will surely make them nostalgic and many newcomers can get their hands on some alluring skins that they had to grind hard for.

Meanwhile, considering the recolored skins Blizzard has been introducing for the past couple of months for such high prices, they should consider lowering it. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for them to maintain such a huge player base in the upcoming years.

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