XDefiant content creator discovers "hilarious" sticky grenade bug

Sticky grenade bug in XDefiant (Image via Ubisoft)
Sticky grenade bug in XDefiant (Image via Ubisoft)

XDefiant content creator @Zii found a game-breaking sticky grenade bug that allowed him to run around the lobby with just a sticky grenade. Additionally, dying with the sticky grenade in hand resulted in a massive explosion impacting a small radius. Opponents within the vicinity have died from the explosion’s impact. This led other players in the lobby to think he was cheating and ultimately report him.

Following the fresh release of Ubisoft’s tactical FPS title, players have witnessed a plethora of bugs. However, the sticky grenade bug is quite significant and XDefiant developers should release a patch to solve this and put an end to this issue. For more information regarding the sticky grenade bug, keep reading.

New sticky grenade bug in XDefiant allows players to kill opponents from beyond the grave

As mentioned earlier, this new sticky grenade bug is by far one of the biggest bugs that have been found in XDefiant. As explained by @Zii, head to the loadout section while queuing for any mode. Copy any of the Custom loadouts and paste them into any of your preset loadouts. This will disable all the primary and secondary weapon sections, allowing players to add sticky grenades in their device section.

Loaodut bug in XDefiant (Image via YouTube/@Zii)
Loaodut bug in XDefiant (Image via YouTube/@Zii)

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The aforementioned trick will allow players to run around the lobby with just a sticky grenade in their hand. Moreover, if they die with the device in hand it’ll result in a massive explosion, like a rocket launcher, within a small area.

In a recent X post from @Zii, the community witnessed him spamming the sticky grenade bug all over the lobby while getting as close as possible to the enemy, forcing them to kill the content creator. Dying with the sticky grenade resulted in an explosion and the enemies inside the radius died instantly since the impact was fatal.

As the video has surfaced all over the XDefiant forums and a handful of players are aware of this bug currently, the developers must look into this matter and release a patch to fix this issue. Otherwise, more players will join and exploit this bug, resulting in an upsetting experience for others.

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