List of Drivers with the Most Poles in F1

Last Modified Jun 24, 2019 09:58 IST

A pole or a pole position in F1 refers to the driver starting from the top most position of the starting grid during an F1 race/ Grand Prix.

The drivers who tops the time sheets during the Q3 of a Formula 1 Qualifying session takes the pole position for that particular Grand Prix.

99 Different drivers have taken pole in a Formula 1 race to date, the latest being Charles Leclerc of Ferrari taking his maiden pole at the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix.

F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain

RankF1 DriverCountryNumber of PolesFirst Pole
1Lewis HamiltonUnited Kingdom862007 Canadian Grand Prix
2Michael SchumacherGermany681994 Monaco Grand Prix
3Ayrton SennaBrazil651985 Portuguese Grand Prix
4Sebastian VettelGermany562008 Italian Grand Prix
5Jim ClarkUnited Kingdom331962 Monaco Grand Prix
5Alain ProstFrance331981 German Grand Prix
7Nigel MansellUnited Kingdom321984 Dallas Grand Prix
8Nico RosbergGermany302012 Chinese Grand Prix
9Juan Manuel FangioArgentina291950 Monaco Grand Prix
10Mika HäkkinenFinland261997 Luxembourg Grand Prix
11Niki LaudaAustria241974 South African Grand Prix
11Nelson PiquetBrazil241980 United States Grand Prix West
13Fernando AlonsoSpain222003 Malaysian Grand Prix
14Damon HillUnited Kingdom201993 French Grand Prix
15Mario AndrettiUnited States181968 United States Grand Prix
15René ArnouxFrance181979 Austrian Grand Prix
15Kimi RäikkönenFinland182003 European Grand Prix
18Jackie StewartUnited Kingdom171969 Monaco Grand Prix
19Stirling MossUnited Kingdom161955 British Grand Prix
19Felipe MassaBrazil162006 Turkish Grand Prix
21Alberto AscariItaly141951 German Grand Prix
21Ronnie PetersonSweden141973 Brazilian Grand Prix
21James HuntUnited Kingdom141976 Brazilian Grand Prix
21Rubens BarrichelloBrazil141994 Belgian Grand Prix
25Jack BrabhamAustralia131959 British Grand Prix
25Graham HillUnited Kingdom131962 Belgian Grand Prix
25Jacky IckxBelgium131968 German Grand Prix
25Jacques VilleneuveCanada131996 Australian Grand Prix
25Juan Pablo MontoyaColombia132001 German Grand Prix
25Mark WebberAustralia132009 German Grand Prix
31Gerhard BergerAustria121987 Portuguese Grand Prix
31David CoulthardUnited Kingdom121995 Argentine Grand Prix
33Jochen RindtAustria101968 French Grand Prix
34Valtteri BottasFinland92017 Bahrain Grand Prix
34Riccardo PatreseItaly81981 United States Grand Prix West
34Jenson ButtonUnited Kingdom82004 San Marino Grand Prix
34John SurteesUnited Kingdom81960 Portuguese Grand Prix
37Jacques LaffiteFrance71976 Italian Grand Prix
38Phil HillUnited States61960 Italian Grand Prix
38Carlos ReutemannArgentina61972 Argentine Grand Prix
38Emerson FittipaldiBrazil61972 Monaco Grand Prix
38Jean-Pierre JabouilleFrance61979 South African Grand Prix
38Alan JonesAustralia61979 British Grand Prix
38Ralf SchumacherGermany62001 French Grand Prix
45Nino FarinaItaly51950 British Grand Prix
45Chris AmonNew Zealand51968 Spanish Grand Prix
45Clay RegazzoniSwitzerland51970 Mexican Grand Prix
45Keke RosbergFinland51982 British Grand Prix
45Patrick TambayFrance51983 United States Grand Prix West
50Mike HawthornUnited Kingdom41958 Belgian Grand Prix
50Didier PironiFrance41980 Monaco Grand Prix
50Giancarlo FisichellaItaly41998 Austrian Grand Prix
50Jarno TrulliItaly42004 Monaco Grand Prix
54José Froilán GonzálezArgentina31951 British Grand Prix
54Tony BrooksUnited Kingdom31958 Monaco Grand Prix
54Dan GurneyUnited States31962 German Grand Prix
54Jean-Pierre JarierFrance31975 Argentine Grand Prix
54Jody ScheckterSouth Africa31976 Swedish Grand Prix
54Elio de AngelisItaly31983 European Grand Prix
54Teo FabiItaly31985 German Grand Prix
54Daniel RicciardoAustralia32016 Monaco Grand Prix
62Stuart Lewis-EvansUnited Kingdom21957 Italian Grand Prix
62Jo SiffertSwitzerland21968 Mexican Grand Prix
62John WatsonUnited Kingdom21977 Monaco Grand Prix
62Gilles VilleneuveCanada21979 United States Grand Prix West
62Michele AlboretoItaly21984 Belgian Grand Prix
62Jean AlesiFrance21994 Italian Grand Prix
62Heinz-Harald FrentzenGermany21997 Monaco Grand Prix
69Walt FaulknerUnited States11950 Indianapolis 500
69Duke NalonUnited States11951 Indianapolis 500
69Fred AgabashianUnited States11952 Indianapolis 500
69Bill VukovichUnited States11953 Indianapolis 500
69Jack McGrathUnited States11954 Indianapolis 500
69Jerry HoytUnited States11955 Indianapolis 500
69Eugenio CastellottiItaly11955 Belgian Grand Prix
69Pat FlahertyUnited States11956 Indianapolis 500
69Pat O'ConnorUnited States11957 Indianapolis 500
69Dick RathmannUnited States11958 Indianapolis 500
69Johnny ThomsonUnited States11959 Indianapolis 500
69Jo BonnierSweden11959 Dutch Grand Prix
69Eddie SachsUnited States11960 Indianapolis 500
69Wolfgang von TripsGermany11961 Italian Grand Prix
69Lorenzo BandiniItaly11966 French Grand Prix
69Mike ParkesUnited Kingdom11966 Italian Grand Prix
69Peter RevsonUnited States11972 Canadian Grand Prix
69Denny HulmeNew Zealand11973 South African Grand Prix
69Patrick DepaillerFrance11974 Swedish Grand Prix
69José Carlos PaceBrazil11975 South African Grand Prix
69Vittorio BrambillaItaly11975 Swedish Grand Prix
69Tom PryceUnited Kingdom11975 British Grand Prix
69Bruno GiacomelliItaly11980 United States Grand Prix
69Andrea de CesarisItaly11982 United States Grand Prix West
69Thierry BoutsenBelgium11990 Hungarian Grand Prix
69Nick HeidfeldGermany12005 European Grand Prix
69Robert KubicaPoland12008 Bahrain Grand Prix
69Heikki KovalainenFinland12008 British Grand Prix
69Nico HülkenbergGermany12010 Brazilian Grand Prix
69Pastor MaldonadoVenezuela12012 Spanish Grand Prix
69Charles LeclercMonaco12019 Bahrain Grand Prix

*Bold indicates F1 World Championship winning drivers