10 football players with criminal records

Joey Barton
Rohith Nair
George Best

George Best

George Best

The greatest player from Northern Ireland and one of Manchester United’s legends of the game, Best was not exactly a model professional off the pitch. A celebrity status demanded an extravagant lifestyle and he “spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars”. He too suffered from alcoholism and many controversies in his life stemmed from that problem.

Best’s wife Alex had claimed that the footballer used to punch her in the face many a time. He was once arrested and charged with assault after he injured a waitress at a nightclub. She ended up with a fractured nose but he won the case in court.

Best was also arrested when he stole a fur coat, passport and cheque book from an American model Miss World winner Marjorie Wallace, but again he was later cleared of all charges. He has also been charged with drink driving, assaulting the police and failing to answer bail, for which he was sentenced for three months.

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