10 things every Fortnite player is proud to own

Ten things every Fortnite player is proud to own (Image via Epic Games)
Ten things every Fortnite player is proud to own (Image via Epic Games)
Sarthak Chauhan

There is no doubt that Fortnite has a superfluity of cosmetic items. While every item is unique on its own, a few rise above others. Among these items, some go on to become the most coveted items in the game. Thanks to the constant efforts of the developers, this list is ever-expanding.

Over the years, Fortnite has collaborated with a plethora of franchises. This has created a different league of exclusive items that can't be bought elsewhere. Players, over time, buy different outfits and other cosmetics that they feel are an extension of their personalities.

Players often take pride in their collection of different cosmetics, which is culmination of the effort put into the game. In this listicle, we'll look at some items that every Fortnite player would be proud to own.

Items that any Fortnite player would be lucky to have

1) Travis Scott (Bundle)

This American rapper needs no introduction. Travis Scott is a household name in hip-hop music. He collaborated with Fortnite for a live event dubbed Astronomical. Travis Scott was inducted into Fortnite as part of the Icon series. A bundle called Astronomical Bundle was made available for purchase in the item shop.


The bundle included a Travis Scott outfit with two different edit styles and other cosmetic items. The Outfit comes intact with his signature Air Jordan 1 Retro high sneakers. This attention to detail, plus Travis Scott's oomph factor, made this bundle one of the most coveted item combos in the game's history.

2) Darth Vader (Outfit)

The pop culture's most infamous and formidable boss has finally made his way into Fortnite. Darth Vader was introduced as a Battle Pass exclusive skin in the latest Chapter 3 Season 3.

Listed at tier 100, this Outfit deserves no less. Epic recently collaborated with Lucas Films, who brought into the game two of their most iconic characters: Indiana Jones and Darth Vader.


While Indy is yet to arrive in the game, the Sith Lord is already here, striking fear in his enemies. Darth Vader's Outfit comes with his other insignias, minus the legendary red lightsaber. This is undoubtedly one of the best collaborations to date.

3) Crewmate Back Bling

Epic has been on a hot streak lately when it comes to collaboration. Building upon their recent collabs, Epic recently announced a Fortnite X Among Us crossover. Players can now buy an Among Us combo that comes with a Crewmate backbling.


This cosmetic item is so popular that it has shot to the top of the list for being one of the best back blings. Crewmate back bling is reactive and reacts differently to different scenarios. Among Us's universal popularity has for sure helped it become one of the most desired items in the game.

4) Super Cab-Masher (Back Bling)

Introduced in Chapter 2 Season 5, this back bling was part of the Street Fighter set that could be bought with the Ryu and Chun-Li bundle.

Street Fighter is among the most popular video games in the world. Epic put their high regards on display for the game with a crossover.


Though the Street Fighter collab manifested itself as a bundle, the Super Cab-Masher back bling stole the spotlight. The retro arcade-styled back bling reeks of nostalgia and hits the spot for gamers. This back bling is uniquely reactive and is unlike any other back bling that has been featured in the game.

5) Merry Mint Axe (Pickaxe)

One of the most sought-after items in the game, the Merry Mint Axe, is the holy grail of pickaxes in Fortnite. Although the pickaxe is not pay-to-win, it enjoys the popularity of being the rarest harvesting tool.


In collaboration with GameStop, Epic ran a promotion where it gave away free codes for this pickaxe along with any Fortnite merchandise purchase. This has led to a frenzy of people trying to get their hands on the Merry Mint Axe. The codes were being bidded on over the internet.

6) Stellar Axe (Pickaxe)

This super rare pickaxe is a legit bragging item in the game. The pickaxe was introduced on a limited run and was only available to those who had purchased the Fortnite X Samsung promotional smartphone.


Though the skin was free, the smartphone cost at least $1000, making it one of the most expensive cosmetics in the game. The pickaxe and the glider were made available later after the Galaxy skin promotion. Only a select group of people in the game have this pickaxe.

7) Dragacorn (Glider)

Part of the Marvel series, this pay-to-win glider is a desirable item from the Deadpool Gear Bundle. The second rideable glider to be introduced in the game, this item became so infamous that the developers had to disable it in the arena.


The Dragacorn glider has a unique galloping animation that makes it impossible for opponents to shoot it down. Its eclectic design and disorienting colors downright speak Deadpool. While this might seem like a befitting glider for Deadpool fans, it is very popular among players.

8) Lambda-Class Shuttle (Glider)

Harbinger of the Sith Lord himself, the Lambda-Class shuttle never fails to strike fear in the hearts of the Galactic Empire's enemies. Straight out of Star Wars, this glider is part of the latest Battle Pass and belongs to Darth Vader.


This top-tier item is a conforming glider for franchise fans and an exemplar of the player's hard work to reach the top tier in the season with the most nerfed XP. This well-designed glider borrows style cues from the T-4a shuttle from the Star Wars films.

9) Distraction Dance (Emote)

The pop culture sensation has made its way into Fortnite. While the emote doesn't serve its actual purpose, it is still very popular among players. Part of the recent Fortnite x Among Us collab, this emote has become one of the most sought-after items in the game.


Its pop culture relevance and affordability have contributed to its massive popularity. It is a must-acquire item for fans of Among Us. The item is available in the item shop and will remain up for purchase for an entire year.

10) Orange Justice (Emote)

This is the most OG thing that has ever come out of Fortnite. This emote is a classic and an instant reminder of the game. This emotes are almost synonymous with the game.


An outcome of Epic's Boogie Down competition, this emote was an instant hit and took the internet by storm. For hardcore fans, this emote remains the most coveted item in the game. This is yet another example of Fortnite's dedication to its players.

Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writer.

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