6 perfectly-timed moments in Fortnite that needs to be seen to be believed

Six perfectly-timed moments in Fortnite that needs to be seen to be believed (Image via Gaming Legion)
Six perfectly-timed moments in Fortnite that needs to be seen to be believed (Image via Gaming Legion)

There are a few lucky moments in Fortnite that the community comes across once in a while. These moments in a couple of seconds are captured by content creators, streamers or even casual players.

Some of these captured moments occur in different scenarios, which happen with perfect timing. This makes those moments valuable and hard to believe.

Due to the various elements added to the world of Fortnite, it is common for loopers to come across entities and elements at an oddly enjoyable time. There can be several actions leading to one point, of course, or a random appearance.

Flawlessly-timed instances in Fortnite

1) The rocket ribbon dance


A YouTuber named "Qu1red" captured a lovely moment at a perfect time. He shot a rocket launcher towards a looping set of windows and rifted to the other side.

As he waited for the rocket launcher to reach the other side, he started doing the Fortnite Ribbon Dancer emote. As soon as the rocket approached him, the Rebel created a perfectly circular motion that the rocket passed through. It was a simple yet beautiful moment to be captured.

2) Both of them take the fall


A perfectly-timed moment in Fortnite that resembles karma is this clip that needs to be seen. The YouTuber named "riklol" had posted a video where he had eliminated his opponent with ease.

As the opponent was knocked down, he attempted to throw the person off the Builds so he could be finally eliminated. After throwing the opponent out, he accidentally fell out of the builds and got knocked out by fall damage.

3) Clinger in the right spot


ZephyrFN witnessed an eye-catching moment when he luckily timed the clinger to get an easy elimination off the bat. The player had found a couple of clingers on top of a mountain near the Chonker's POI. At the same time, he had spotted the opposing player inside a container truck, looting a chest.

To the best of his knowledge, he immediately places the clinger near the exit of the truck. Luckily the Looper did not hear the clinger almost ready to blast, so he walked right out towards it, ultimately eliminating him.

4) Winning in style


DC10Army secured a win by dancing his way through the Crowned Victory Royale. He was assumingly in a Duos match when his teammate killed the last player.

At that moment, he did an emote to strike a pose at the end, which perfectly timed the Victory Royale popping up at the top of the screen.

5) A Robot? Is that what you said?


Symphony had a hilarious moment where he was bombarded with overpowered rockets that annihilated him. In the first clip of the video, the YouTuber was healing up with a shield potion while his teammates warned him about a giant robot.

With ignorance, he casually said "ok" but then later realized that his teammate was talking about the mech.

6) The not-so-lucky timing


This video was posted by CCJ117, which came out to be unpredictable. Here loopers can see a player gliding towards a tree where an enemy player is camping as a sniper.

This allowed the user to shoot him from the back and troll him. The unexpected moment occurred as soon as he made contact with the pump shotgun and the match ended with his corresponding team's loss.

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