8 Fortnite players who changed the game for good & forever

Several players over the years have made the game what it is today (Image via Epic Games)
Several players over the years have made the game what it is today (Image via Epic Games)
Rishabh Sabarwal

Fortnite has opened a new dimension for players all around the world to explore and experience. It acts as an interdimensional multiverse that connects both the modern era and the online universe.

Battle Royale in particular has provided loopers with a common field to combat and practice in order to be the best.

Fortnite's growth did not just depend on the game, but also its community. Much of the title's success comes from the OG community who helped make the game what it is today.

The community has seen a lot of growth, alongside the rise of many mainstream content creators and streamers. This also includes underrated players who showcased extraordinary skills.

However, the former underdogs-turned-pros have changed the game for good.

8 Fortnite players who changed the game for good forever

1) Bugha


Bugha is one of the best known Fortnite players in the community. He has accomplished what many players dream of by winning the World Cup, alongside prize money of a whopping $3,000,000.

He acted as an inspiration to the community and gave hope to gamers that with enough hard work, they could also achieve something great. After his performance in the World Cup, Fortnite Competitive was further expanded upon, receiving huge positive feedback from loopers.

2) SypherPK


SypherPK is one of the content creators who has, by now, influenced millions. He has actively taken part in both non-competitive and competitive Fortnite. He posts regular content videos for his community to enjoy about the positive side of Fortnite, even during its downfall.

SypherPK also contributed to various changes in the game by posting community facing issues or glitches that Epic took note of and changed. He acts as a voice for the the player base, which then in turn helps improve the game.

3) Clix


Clix had a direct impact on Fortnite's competitive side. He has introduced new building / editing mechanics and popularized different game forms, including box fights and zone wars.

He had a huge following due to his skill level and personality, and has participated and earned from various tournaments to stand where he is currently.

4) Ninja


Ninja is considered the most influential streamer and content creator amongst the entire player-base of Fortnite. He popularized the game back in the OG era of Chapter 1.

Along with various other pro players, Ninja has had a huge impact towards the game. He even marked the start of the Streamer Icon Series skin that first featured him.

Ninja can also be called the "Face of Fortnite" as his guide titled "Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming" has influenced millions.

5) NickEh 30


NickEh30 had a major impact when it came to promoting the game and exploring different ways of enjoying the looped island.

He started various new trends such as mini games that included Hide and Seek, Trivia, Simon Says, etc. This allowed players to experience the game in a fresh way.

6) Cizzorz


While Cizzorz was a part of Faze Clan, he started an early trend back in Chapter 1 with Death Runs. When the Creative game mode was introduced, loopers were able to freely build their Creations and upload them to the community worldwide.

Cizzorz created wide and comparatively difficult Death Runs that the majority of the player base wasn't able to complete easily. Due to the difficulty level, it got popularized among the community and started influencing other loopers to also create their versions of it.

7) FaZe Sway


FaZe Sway marked a revolution for controller players. He showcased extraordinary skills using a controller, motivating millions of others to play and practice like him. He also contributed his fair share in building / editing mechanics by introducing high-ground retakes and edits.

He involved other controller players from the gaming community to join the game for a Battle Royale worth playing.

8) Fe4RLess


Fe4RLess is a popular content creator who has made videos since the OG era of the game. They have a unique take on the game and have captured amazing moments. The creator has received a lot of love from the community and has returned the same, making the player base more friendly and enjoyable.

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