8 most in-demand Fortnite skins that most players will never get

Skins that gamers want but won't get (Image via Sportskeeda)
Skins that gamers want but won't get (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the community. Progressive storylines, regular updates, new content, and exciting gameplay have brought millions of gamers into the loop.

The game is also popular due to the variety of skins available to customize the in-game characters. Over the years, Epic Games has released almost a thousand Fortnite skins. Some are extremely popular, while others have failed to make a mark.

Some of the most popular skins are still in demand. It is pretty certain that if these skins were available, gamers would've bought them without a second thought. This article will reveal eight in-demand Fortnite skins that gamers will never get.

Eight Fortnite skins that players won't own

8) Omega


The Omega outfit was released in Chapter 1 Season 4, as a Battle Pass skin. The black and neon orange combination appealed to almost everyone who was hooked to Fortnite.

Since it was released a long time ago, only OGs use the outfit in the game. The rest of the community has shown immense interest, and the outfit is in demand. However, since it was released as a Battle Pass skin, it won't be released in the Item Shop.

7) Black Knight


The Black Knight Fortnite skin was released back in Chapter 1 Season 2. The outfit was designed as a medieval warrior and was placed in Tier 70 of the Battle Pass. Grinding XP back then was a monumental task, and only a handful of gamers managed to grab the skin. Therefore, it is extremely rare.

The design of the skin and the black and neon color combination is trendy among gamers, and everyone wants to add it to their inventory. However, it was a Battle Pass skin. Hence, Epic Games won't bring it back.

6) Galaxy


Tech giants Samsung and Epic Games have worked together for some time. The initial collaboration phase saw the Galaxy skin being released for Fortnite. The coveted skin was available for free only to those who purchased any Samsung Galaxy device during that time.

The device's cost was on the higher side, making the skin one of the most expensive in the game. Also, not many players bought the skin, making it extremely rare. However, the outfit's appearance was unique, and even today, the skin is in demand.

Both the companies have collaborated further and have released a new skin variant. Hence, it is pretty certain that the original Galaxy skin won't ever return to the game.

5) Special Forces


Special Forces is one of the earliest skins to be released in the game. The outfit was available for 1200 V-Bucks from the Item Shop. Back in Chapter 1 Season 1, only a few gamers bought items from the shop.

However, it has returned on several occasions, and gamers utilized the opportunity to get the item to their collection.

Even to this date, the skin is in demand. However, the Special Forces skin was last seen in 2019. It has been away for more than a thousand days. Hence, it seems unlikely that loopers will get it in Fortnite anymore.

4) Double Helix


The Double Helix outfit was only available to those who purchased the Nintendo Switch Double Helix bundle. The bundle consisted of a Nintendo Switch along with the skin and 1000 V-Bucks. The entire set was priced at around $250. The price tag of the bundle was enough to drive gamers away from the bundle.

As a result, the skin is rare, and the bundle is no longer available for sale. Hence, it is inevitable that players won't be able to get it even though the community demands it ardently.

3) Renegade Raider


Renegade Raider is probably the rarest outfit in Fortnite. The skin was released in Chapter 1 Season 1, and was placed at level 20 in the Season Shop. Once gamers reached that level, they had to pay 1200 V-Bucks to get the item. Therefore, it is owned by only a few players globally.

The item was last seen in 2017 and has been away for almost 1600 days. It is highly unlikely that Epic Games will bring back the skin for Fortnite.

2) Havoc and Sub Commander


Havoc and Sub Commander skins were introduced with Twitch Prime Packs in Chapter 1 Season 2. The popular streaming segment, Twitch, was taking baby steps back then. The company decided to promote by asking gamers to link their Epic IDs with their streaming channels.

They received Twitch Prime Packs consisting of outfits and other cosmetics as a reward. Since the offer expired in May 2018, gamers won't be getting the skin in Fortnite.

1) Elite Agent


The Elite Agent was part of the Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass and was placed in level 87. Gamers had a tough time ranking up the tiers and claiming the outfit. Hence, it is owned by a few loopers.

The community has been vocal about its return to the game for a long time. However, it is a BP skin, which means Epic Games won't release it anymore to Fortnite.

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