8 rare Fortnite cosmetics that most players will never own

Sun Strider is a pretty rare skin (Image via LJ Studios- Fortnite Films on YouTube)
Sun Strider is a pretty rare skin (Image via LJ Studios- Fortnite Films/YouTube)

Fortnite has had quite a few cosmetics over the years. The developers introduce new ones each and every season through the Battle Pass, and the Item Shop is a rotating carousel of new items, too.

Since the Battle Pass is exclusive, players won't have a second chance to earn those cosmetics, and sometimes the Item Shop offerings don't come back for a long time, which can make them pretty rare.

If they never return, no one can buy them. If they're rare and do make a return to the shop, most players buy them and reverse their rarity. However, there are some cosmetics that most players will never own; this article will provide a few examples of that.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Ranking 8 Fortnite cosmetics that will probably never come back

8) Pulse Axe


The Pulse Axe was only available in the Chapter 1 Season 2's Battle Pass. Gamers who got to tier seven could unlock this, but most players today weren't playing then. Even among those who were, the Battle Pass was probably not as purchased as it is today. Most have probably not even seen this cosmetic.

7) Snowflake Glider


Every season, players who win a game in Fortnite earn a selective glider. It's always an umbrella, usually one that matches the theme of the season. For Season 2, it was the Snowflake Glider.

This season took place a long time ago and presented the only way to earn this cosmetic. So, most gamers will never even have the chance to own it.

6) The Reaper

The Reaper is from Season 3 (Image via Epic Games)
The Reaper is from Season 3 (Image via Epic Games)

Chapter 1 Season 3's Tier 100 skin was a John Wick knockoff, well before its official skin made its way to Fortnite. This cosmetic has become very rare over the years and it's certainly not coming back. Owning the original fake John Wick, which almost no one does, is a pretty impressive feat.

5) Groove Jam


Groove Jam was a pretty popular emote back in the day. It hails from Tier 95 of Chapter 1 Season 4. However, since then, it's become pretty rare because not many players today were around at the time.

It was a fairly difficult tier to achieve, hence why so few players have it. Those players, however, will remain the only ones who do.

4) Sun Strider

Despite being arguably the most iconic female Fortnite skin of all time, many gamers do not have it and they will not have the opportunity to do so either.

It was offered in Chapter 1 Season 5's Battle Pass, though it was only in the middle tiers. Despite that, many players today did not play then, so they weren't around for the wave of Sun Strider support that swept across the community.

3) Night Cloak


Nightshade's back bling hails from the same Battle Pass: Chapter 1 Season 5. It was available on Tier 87. It's not the most popular back bling among today's players, so it's possible there are some who haven't even seen it. Either way, no one will have the chance to earn it again.

2) The Ice King


Among its Chapter 1 counterparts, Season 7 was not quite as popular as the others. Most of the Fortnite seasons in Chapter 1 were quite good, so that's not a slight against the seventh one.

The Tier 100 skin that season, the Ice King, was pretty good. However, it's still pretty rare and will more than likely never even receive a reskin.

1) Catalyst

The Masked Character of the Day is...Catalyst from Fortnite!

Catalyst was only a Tier 1 skin from Chapter 1 Season X, but that is widely considered one of the worst seasons of Fortnite. From a Battle Pass' perspective, it was not very popular, so several players didn't even bother getting it. As a result, even the first skin available is very rare.

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