8 skills that can turn any Fortnite player into a god

Skills can make and break a Fortnite match. (Image via Epic Games)
Skills can make and break a Fortnite match (Image via Epic Games)

With over 3 million daily players, one can infer that Fortnite commands an outmatched patronage. With different Battle Royale modes and a host of complementing quests and challenges, the game can pander to almost every player. However, there are some who still want more.

These players want to extract more out of the game while experiencing the competitive aspects of Fortnite and playing against others who have mastered the game. But what stands between them and their dreams is their lack of skills and practice.

While players do need to practice on their own, they can refer to guides and other materials that can help them learn different practice methods and skills. Here, we look at some skills that can help any Fortnite player better understand the game and improve their overall gameplay.

Rotating effectively is a quintessential Fortnite skill

1) Aiming


It goes without saying that improving your aim is the most important skill that needs to be improved, especially in a Battle Royale scenario. While at its core, it is just the knowledge of targeting your opponent, it does take spatial awareness and hitbox apprehension to skillfully eliminate the enemy. Plus, knowing how ADS (Aim Down Sight) and hip fire influence the weapon's spread can help you aim better.

2) Evading


Evading is much more than simply dodging an attack. Avoiding an impending attack or elimination requires quick analysis of the situation and adept timing. Players who are skilled at evading often outlast opponents. With its impressive utility items like Chrome Splash and Shockwave grenade, the game adds an interesting dynamic to evading enemies.

3) Switching Weapons


This is an overlooked skill that stands as a distinction between professional and amateur players. A mere switch of weapons can snowball into an interesting game and knowledge of the weapon meta provides for an added advantage. Different combat scenarios require different weapons. Another important factor is that you should know the difference in various weapons of the same class.

4) Rotation


With an ever looming storm and a closing circle, rotating in a Fortnite match is vital. This mobilization skill can help you claim an area before others do, and help establish a sanctuary that in-turn can be defended with pre-emptive firing. Many pro players often contribute their success in competitive matches to the skilled rotation and knowledge of the map.

5) Building


The ability to build and edit structures is the most Fortnite thing ever. While the developers have introduced the No Build Mode, a majority of players still flock to the OG game mode. Skillful structure-building can make or break a game. So, any player aspiring to rise to the big leagues should master the art of building, editing and re-enforcing structures.

6) Landing


The landing location can influence the overall gameplay and alter the course of the match. You should be able to change your landing locations based upon the output you desire. For instance, if survival is what you're targetting, yyou can benefit from landing at a remote location and rotating effectively. Knowledge of the map can expedite the decision making.

7) Utility Items


The game has numerous utility items that span across vast usage and implications. You can use these items to heal, evade, inflict damage and pull other stunts which in-turn complement the gameplay. Using utility items like Port-a-Bunker and Boogie Bomb can help you dodge incoming attacks and buy some time to plan your next move.

8) Healing


Healing effectively is another Battle Royale skill that should be mastered. Many players don't heal on time and often succumb to unannounced attacks. Using shields provides for an added layer of protection and should be replenished on time. Mending machines are located all over the island to help players in distress.

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