Fortnite downtime today (June 21): When will the servers be back up?

Time to sit back, relax, and wait for the downtime to end (Image via Twitter/txkyos_son)
Time to sit back, relax, and wait for the downtime to end (Image via Twitter/txkyos_son)
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The first major update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has arrived. Dubbed v21.10, the update will bring a few changes to the game and make things better on the island. However, as always, before the update comes to fruition, loopers must endure downtime.

According to official sources, the downtime for the v21.10 update will commence on June 21, 2022, at 04:00 AM Eastern Time. Readers are requested to log out of their game to avoid losing connection to the server and their current session. That said, it's time to move on to the next question.

v21.10 is scheduled for release on June 21. Impressive. Most impressive. Downtime will begin at 04:00 AM ET, with matchmaking disabled 30 minutes beforehand.

How long will the Fortnite downtime last today (June 21)?

Guessing the duration of the downtime is not a simple task. At times, these updates take a few hours, while others are wrapped up in under three. Nevertheless, given that this is the first update of the new season, the developers are bound to check out a few things to ensure smooth gameplay.

Furthermore, with the Fortnite Summer Event fast approaching, the required assets may be loaded in and checked during this update. If this occurs, the downtime will take longer than usual. Since this may be the last update before the developers go on their summer break, the timeline will be stretched out.

New content and changes for Fortnite v21.10 update

When it comes to updates, figuring out what new content is coming to the game can be challenging. With Epic Games wanting to keep things a secret, prying out the information at times is impossible.

That being the case, some speculation and guesswork will have to be implemented to figure out what's being updated in Fortnite. While some of these new features have been leaked, the rest are unknown. Here's what's known thus far:

1) Creative Mode update

Unlike Save the World, which has been sort of abandoned, for the most part, Creative Mode receives regular updates. In v21.10, the developers are adding rideable mounts for creators. This means that aside from the official modes, players will now be able to ride into battle on custom maps as well.

It appears in the v21.10 update you'll be able to enable the ability to ride animals in creative mode!Thanks @maxouuxo for spotting this!

A new tool called the Item Placer Device will be added after the update. It will allow creators to place weapons and consumable items more realistically. Rather than simply having them spawn on the ground, they can now be placed on top of a table or hung from a wall. This will help improve realism and immersion on every map.

NEW HUGE CREATIVE DEVICE!Item Placer Devices - "Place weapons or consumable items in a more realistic way, such as sitting on a table or hanging on a wall."

2) "Impressive. Most impressive."

Every hardcore Star Wars fan in the world knows who said the aforementioned statement. However, what is unknown at the moment is exactly what Epic Games is hinting at by stating this. While leakers seem to think that the update may entail some stuff related to Darth Vader, it may very well be a gimmick as well.

Since Darth Vader has been fully revealed, there's nothing else on the table at the moment to showcase. The only possible change would be adding him as an NPC boss on the island and giving him his own POI.

3) A Bug's Life

There's a bug with the grapple gloves where if you go into a slipstream mid-grapple, then you won't glide when you go back out. Doesn't work if you let go first, and also doesn't inflict fall damage. #Fortnite #FortniteVibin

As with every Fortnite update, Epic Games rolls out some minor and major bug fixes. With the game going through so many changes every month, this is required to keep things working smoothly. While there are numerous bugs to jot down, only the ones being fixed in this update will be listed here:

General Top issues

  • Evie’s belt sticks straight out for some players.

Battle Royale Top issues

  • Throwing a Reality Seed against sloped terrain may reset the age of Reality Sapling.

Creative Top issues

  • Armored walls are missing from the published islands.

Save the World Top issues

  • Players may not receive notifications while in-game.
  • Survivors are missing in Rescue the Survivor missions.

Switch and Mobile Top issues

  • The parental Controls screen cannot be exited with a controller.

Note: The final number of bug fixes implemented in the Fortnite v21.10 update will be solely based on Epic Games' discretion.

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