Fortnite: No Sweat Insurance and their capitalist agenda, explained

No Sweat Insurance is a rather evil organization in Fortnite Battle Royale (Image via Epic Games)
No Sweat Insurance is a rather evil organization in Fortnite Battle Royale (Image via Epic Games)

No Sweat Insurance has been in Fortnite Battle Royale for the last few years. The latest summer event is sponsored by the insurance company, and while many players believe that the company is incredible, the truth may be completely different.

Several things have been suspicious about the company in the past, such as the aftermath of Tilted Towers' destruction back in Chapter 1 Season 8. However, the company's latest ads almost confirm their evil intentions.

With the release of the v21.30 update on Monday, July 18, Epic Games has added all the necessary files regarding the summer event. These files contain special No Sweat Insurance ads and reveal the true face of the company.

While the insurance team has done a lot of good for the Fortnite island, their intentions may not have been good all along.

Why No Sweat Insurance has bad intentions

No Sweat Insurance is spearheading the rebuilding of Tilted Towers. The popular location is getting a major renovation, and this time, players can vote for the addition of their favorite building.

Unfortunately, voting isn't free. While the residents of Fortnite Island may not live in a democracy, they surely live in a capitalist society, which is proven by the insurance company's attempts to benefit from the process.


An ad for the company in charge of rebuilding Tilted Towers reads:

"No Sweat Insurance can't rebuild Tilted Towers without your help. I mean, we literally could, we have 8 trillion bars, but we want to buy more private choppas. And if you want to give us more bars, we've got a policy with your name on it and there is nothing you can do about it."

Even though Fortnite Battle Royale is all about fantasy, this ad gives the world a realistic spin. Their ad becomes even worse as it is evident that the insurance company outright refuses to be held liable for any problems, with the second half of their ad stating:

"Friendly reminder: No Sweat Insurance is not liable for any injuries you incur while you use No Sweat Insurance-branded party swag. This includes ice cream slip n' falls, hot dog sand, umbrella impalements, beach ball concussions, and firework oopsies."

It turns out that having insurance in Fortnite Battle Royale means nothing, and loopers should not expect to be compensated at any time.

Though the company seems like a scam, unfortunately, they have too much control over the island and will most likely continue with their unabashed ways.

The history of No Sweat Insurance

The company first appeared in Fortnite during Chapter 1 Season 8. It was first spotted in a Tilted Towers building, and was supposedly their headquarters.

After The Unvaulting event, Tilted Towers was almost completely destroyed by a volcano, yet the insurance company's building was the only one left intact. It returned for Season 9 and X, as it was in both Neo Tilted and Gotham City.


After everything was sucked into the Black Hole at the end of Chapter 1, the insurance company found its way back to Chapter 2. Its headquarters in Lazy Lake had a huge storage room at the start of Chapter 2 Season 3, during the massive flood.

The release of the files alludes to the fact that the company is back in Fortnite and may play a huge role in the current chapter.

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