Fortnite "they're coming": Who are they, why are they coming, and what does this mean for Season 7

What do these symbols mean? (Image via LachlanYT/Twitter)
What do these symbols mean? (Image via LachlanYT/Twitter)

"They're Coming" has probably become the most mysterious statement in Fortnite to date. While loopers do know that aliens will be coming to the game, the real question is, who are they?

Fortnite has added many enigmatic and cryptic messages in the past. However, this one sounds much more ominous in nature. Epic Games is yet to reveal who these aliens are or what exactly they want with the island.

Could it be that, when Zero Point went critical, reality waves opened a rift in space, allowing the aliens in? Or are these aliens, coming on their own accord, to conquer the island. Whatever the case, loopers and leakers alike don't really have much to go on at the moment.

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Who are "They," and why are they coming to Fortnite?

As of now, there is no known reason as to why aliens have begun invading Fortnite. The only clues players have are the mysterious symbols and coordinates displayed during a recent live stream.

Lachlan Ross Power, better known as PWR Lachlan, was shocked when random coordinates began appearing during his live stream. It turns out that these coordinates are where the DVDs were filmed. Coincidentally, one of the locations happens to be Lachlan's hometown, Australia.

At least the Fortnite community now knows why the Kangaroos are involved in the new season. However, there are so many questions left unanswered. The main one being, "Why are they coming?"

Possible reasons for an alien invasion

While their identity may not be known, there are a few possible reasons as to why "they're coming." Most of these are speculative in nature and should be read with a pinch of salt.

#1 - Kevin the Cube

First crop circles, and then the runic symbols inside of the supposed mothership, all point towards one thing - Kevin the Cube.

Throughout Fortnite Season 6, it was assumed that Raz might have tried to harness Zero Point's power to summon Kevin. However, with crop circles and the runic symbols appearing, the entire narrative seems to have taken a twist.

The question to be asked here is, "What do the aliens have to do with Kevin?" Surely the symbol couldn't be a sheer coincidence? How are they connected, and how do they know where to find Kevin?

At the moment, these answers seem to be impossible to find. Hopefully, as Fortnite Season 6's end draws closer, a clearer picture will start getting visible.

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Loki is coming

Could Loki be bringing aliens to Fortnite? Given his history and the recent CREW teaser, it wouldn't be surprising if this speculation came true. Perhaps just like Raz, he seeks the Zero Point power, and aliens are a distraction.

However, it's really quite perplexing why Loki would indeed lead to an invasion. Then again, the 'god of mischief' doesn't really need a reason. The only other alternative that would explain Loki's presence would be a Marvel collaboration or a Battle Pass skin.

The Zero Crisis opened a rift in space

The Zero Crisis opening a rift in space could be the most simple explanation possible. Given how the reality waves affect every aspect of life, it could be possible that the aliens want to harness that power for themselves.

When Zero Point went critical and changed reality, could it be that it affected more than just the Island? What if it affected the Metaverse itself? Allowing these aliens to break through reality and enter this one?

While nothing is set in stone, given how spontaneous and fluid Fortnite tends to be, this theory holds a lot of weight. Nonetheless, only time will tell if it comes true.


With everything considered, the alien theme of Fortnite Season 7 may end up being an out-of-this-world experience. With possible new collaborations with the MCU and even Oreo Cookie, Epic Games is definitely pushing the limits of their imagination.

With four days left to go and leaks releasing around the clock, anticipation for the new season is off the charts. It would seem as though the developers have left no hop rock unturned and have pulled out all the big guns. They want to create something loopers will remember for a long time.

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