Fortnite update v21.30 patch notes: Prime Shotgun, Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack, The Daily Bloomgle, and more

Let the Fortnite Summer vibes commence! (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Let the Fortnite Summer vibes commence! (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)

Fortnite update v21.30 is in session, and leaks have started coming out. As predicted by data miners, the contents of the update contain summer-themed cosmetics.

Aside from superficial assets, there have been a few map changes, and last but not least, Charlotte is making a return to the game. In addition, a brand new shotgun has been added to the loot pool, and a few OG items will be returning.

Funding stations will be up and running soon as well. With that being said, here's everything new in the update v21.30.

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New content and patch notes for Fortnite Update v21.30

1) Summer Skins and Sapphire Hagiri

With the Summer Event kicking off, loopers will look for skins to suit the occasion. As luck would have it, Epic Games will add a whole bunch of them. Although they are mostly variants of those already in-game, they look good.

Alongside the variants, multiple new skins are being added. More will likely be decrypted in the coming days. That being said, they should be made available for purchase after the Item Shop rotates.

In addition to the new skins, the Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack will also be made available short in-game. According to leakers, the skin is a variant of Charlotte from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

Unfortunately, players will have to spend real money to buy it. V-Bucks cannot be used for the transaction.

2) Prime Shotgun and Frozen Icecream Cone

The words "It's prime time" were mentioned in the official downtime status. Many loopers expected it to hint at an upcoming collaboration with Transformers.

However, with Epic being as "epic" as they are, they added a new close-range weapon called the Prime Shotgun.

In addition to this close-range beast, Frozen Ice Cream Cones have been added to the loot pool. This will likely heal users or restore their shields when used, allowing them to stay cool during the heat of battle.

3) Map changes

Roots from the Reality Tree have reached The Daily Bugle, and the POI has been renamed The Daily Bloomgle. While not the best wordplay, it will suffice. Reality will likely start contorting around the POI.

In addition to the bloom spread, the Skatepark POI has also been updated. However, there's no information yet about the new skateboarding mechanics for Fortnite. They may be activated once the downtime ends or later this week.

4) Unvaulting extravaganza

For the duration of the Fortnite Summer Event, the developers are unvaulting numerous items. This includes the dreaded Boogie Bomb, Impulse Grenade, Crash Pads, and UFOs, for some weird reason.

Does this mean the Cube Queen is returning? No, not likely. They are just being brought back to make gameplay fun. Speaking of fun, Inflatable Blimps will also be added to the title.

5) Summer NPCs

The island in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will get jam-packed with NPCs soon. According to the leakers, five summer-themed NPCs will be present on the island for the event's duration. They are:

  • The Underwriter
  • Unpeely
  • Summer Drift
  • Boardwalk Ruby
  • Beach Bomber

6) Dragon Ball collaboration and cosmetics

More information about the upcoming Dragon Ball collaboration with Fortnite has surfaced. Although there's not much to show for the crossover, a list of challenges has been leaked. There are six in total:

  • Strength Training Quests
  • Agility Training Quests
  • Sparring Training Quests
  • Endurance Training Quests
  • Focus Training Quests
  • Recovery Quest

These will go live alongside the collaboration in August. Aside from challenges, one cosmetic item has been leaked as well. Based on the leaks, the Attack Ball from Dragon Ball will feature as a glider in-game.

7) Locker Archiving

The Locker Archiving system is live and not a moment too soon. This new feature allows gamers to sort their lockers and send "unwanted" cosmetics into the vault. If and when needed, they can be retrieved and added back to the cosmetic pool.

This will allow players to keep those cosmetics in the lockers they wish to use daily. Although the system is rudimentary, it'll save time and effort from sorting through hundreds of cosmetics.

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