Fortnite x Crown Clash: How to earn 4 free rewards

Crown Clash challenges reward Fortnite players with amazing free items (Image via Epic Games)
Crown Clash challenges reward Fortnite players with amazing free items (Image via Epic Games)

Crown Clash challenges have finally been released, allowing Fortnite players to earn valuable in-game rewards. A total of four free cosmetic items can be made for a limited time.

The challenges are extremely easy, and Fortnite loopers must play Fall Guys to unlock the free cosmetic items. The best part? The Major Mancake skin is one of the rewards!

Unfortunately, many users are confused about the exact process of obtaining these items. Considering that the clock is ticking on the Crown Clash challenges, this guide will show them how to complete them and unlock valuable rewards.

Keep in mind that obtaining the rewards is extremely easy. However, gamers will need a few hours to complete all of the challenges.

Crown Clash can be easily completed for free Fortnite rewards

Many Fortnite players are confused because they cannot find Crown Clash challenges in the game. If readers are part of this group, they need not worry. These challenges are found in Fall Guys, a different video game.

The first step towards obtaining the free items is downloading Fall Guys. It has recently become free-to-play, and users can download it on consoles and PCs. If they are on PCs, gamers will have to download it through the Epic Games Store.

It's happened! @FallGuysGame has launched Season 1: Free For All πŸŽ‰To celebrate, jump into the Crown Clash event in Fall Guys now to earn some awesome rewards for Fall Guys, @rocketleague and Fortnite! Including the Major Mancake Outfit πŸ₯žInfo here πŸ‘‘:

PC players will have their accounts automatically linked between Fortnite and Fall Guys. However, console users will have to do this process manually. They should remember that they will not earn any rewards unless they link their accounts.

To link the accounts, log in to Fall Guys using the same Epic Games account used for Fortnite Battle Royale. This process is critical yet straightforward.

If loopers log in with a different username, they will not get the Crown Clash rewards to their main Fortnite account.

In most cases, the linking process will be done automatically as Epic Games own both games. However, gamers have to make sure they double-check it before starting the challenges.

Once in Fall Guys with their accounts linked, users can open the Challenges tab and go to Crown Clash challenges. Here, they will see that they have to play 100 rounds of any show (game mode) to unlock all the rewards.

Free Fortnite items that can be earned through Fall Guys

Fortnite Battle Royale players can earn four different cosmetic items by completing Crown Clash challenges in Fall Guys. Playing 100 rounds is time-consuming, but considering the title is fun, lots of them will have fun completing the tasks.

These are the rewards you will unlock after completing all 100 rounds:

  • 'Stacked!' spray: Play 10 rounds in any game mode
  • 'Stacked with Love' emoji: Play 20 rounds in any game mode
  • 'Sweet Clementine' pickaxe: Play 40 rounds in any game mode
  • 'Waffler' back bling: Play 70 rounds in any game mode
  • 'Major Mancake' outfit: Play 100 rounds in any game mode
Major Mancake promo image!

It's important to note that the challenges are available for a limited time. Fortnite loopers have until Monday, July 11 at 6 am Eastern Time to unlock the free rewards. After this period, the challenges will no longer be available, so make sure to complete them before the time expires.

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