How to Win Solo vs. Squad Matches in Fortnite Like Ninja

(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)

Who wouldn't want to play as well, or better, than Ninja and other pro-Fortnite gamers?

Everyone wants to be on their level. The fact of the matter is, Fortnite has just about every type of player out there. There are fresh baby noobs, casual players, extreme tryhards, and iconic pro players. They all play at the same level at some point, but some adjust quicker than others, allowing for quicker wins. Players such as Ninja throw themselves into Squad matches and clean the board going solo.


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To be like them, below are all the things players need to do to become a Solo vs Squad match-winner.

How to Win Fortnite Solo vs Squad

Landing & Loot

There are a lot of things to consider when playing against several opponents in Fortnite. The first thing on the list should be knowing where to land! Season 6 players should know where the best place to land is by now, if not, take the time to learn where. Is it where everyone else is going? Or is it Dirty Docks, where no one lands and gives the most loot?

The fact of the matter is, players need to land and get their gear ready. This is the first step in winning any match in Fortnite. Crafting also makes for an interesting feature to continuously get new weapons also.

Game Sense


Aside from getting a proper loadout, players need to have proper game sense. Players should always anticipate an enemy is nearby, especially while playing solo vs squads. Remember that in Fortnite squads, there's going to be at least 20 plus squads that are trying to get that win also. Players need to stay ahead of the game and pick off opponents one at a time. Going in full throttle and pushing is going to give an immediate loss. It’s best to observe and let them push in Fortnite.

Crosshair Placement & Piece Control

Something else to keep in mind is Crosshair Placement, it’s all about having that aim ready for the kill. If players begin to build while battling and they're always aiming downwards while building, they're already in a horrible position. It’ll take a second or two to get the aim right if you look down, but that's enough time to get killed in-game. So be sure to always have that aim leveled, that way when players run into opponents, the aim is already set for an instant kill.


With this, positioning and piece control are also important. Piece control is owning all nearby built pieces to control the fight. While building, opponents will do whatever they must to go in and eliminate. So, it’s best to build and stack around opponents so that it’s easier to edit and stop them from moving as quickly as possible. This allows for any opponent to get stuck or just confused by the builds and provides a kill.

High Ground & Isolation

One big mistake players make is not using high ground to their advantage. It’s best to be at the highest point when possible, so when a team of 4 comes, players should be able to pick them off however they want. Of course, the risk is always that structures could be shot down causing players to fall and die, but it’s possible to recover. Otherwise, enemies will be above and below, making it impossible to escape. Having the high ground also gives room for isolation also.

Isolation is important in Fortnite because it gives players more time to pick off opponents one at a time. It also helps with opportunities in the game. Instead of randomly firing at all the opponents, isolation helps with being able to focus on one person and take the kill. One thing people need more than anything is patience as it pays off in Fortnite.

Backup Plans & Recovery

Not all plans are full-proof, so backups are always needed in Fortnite. Whether it means a change in the landing zone, crafting new weapons, or avoiding a fight. Every player needs to have some sort of plan to use in case things get a bit too hectic. Otherwise, that win is farther away than players think. Above all, be sure to take a moment where recovery is possible.

Shields and other items to help with health are extremely vital. Be sure to carry them on the loadout because they could become more difficult to find later. No matter how many battles are happening, take a second to recover, and go back in for the win. Fortnite is all about strategy.

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