Is the Dreamer skin in Fortnite trans-gender? Character's origin explained

Is Dreamer skin Fortnite transgender? (Image via Epic Games)
Is Dreamer skin Fortnite transgender? (Image via Epic Games)

Over the course of Fortnite's history, they've offered a number of different skins, many of which are collaborative. Since 2019, Epic Games has secured numerous brands for collaborations, including some of the biggest and most unique names such as Ferrari and Balenciaga.

There are three brands the game developers routinely turn to for new content – Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics. DC skins aren't as popular, but there are a few different characters available.

Dreamer is the latest DC skin to hit Fortnite and has left fans wondering whether or not it is a transgender skin.

Is the new Dreamer skin Fortnite transgender?

The Dreamer skin comes from the Arrowverse, the CW-led universe in which several DC shows exist (Arrow, Flash, Batgirl and others). Dreamer is largely an original character, but she is the descendant of Nura Nal, an existing DC Comics hero.

Nia Nal, a.k.a. Dreamer, is the first transgender hero on television. The Arrowverse Wiki confirms this as a key part of her identity:

"While born physically a boy, at a young age, Nia realized she was really a girl. Her family offered their unconditional love and support during this time. While she struggled against intolerance and hate-fueled attacks, including being denied service at establishments, Parthas' acceptance towards those who are different nonetheless allowed Nia to flourish as a transgender girl."

Since the Dreamer skin Fortnite is based on the Arrowverse version, it should be safe to say that this is indeed a transgender skin. She tells Supergirl in the television show that she is different:

"I'm different, Miss Danvers, but so is everybody. And I don't know when that became such a bad thing. The greatest gift we can give each other is our authentic selves and sharing that. Sharing our truth is what will make us strong."

However, Fortnite doesn't disclose this. Her in-game description says, "Nia Nal sees the future through dreams and protects the world from nightmarish threats." There's no indication that the skin is transgender like the Toni skin that uses they/them pronouns in the description.

The Dreamer skin (Image via Pluto V2 on YouTube)
The Dreamer skin (Image via Pluto V2 on YouTube)

However, since it is a collaboration, Fortnite players can look to the source for an answer, which is clearly a transgender fictional character.

The Dreamer skin was first introduced just 10 days ago and was made available early on for participants in the Dreamer Cup. Certain players who were placed high enough in that tournament could get the skin completely free. However, it exited the Item Shop two days ago.

The skin came at a cost of 1,200 V-Bucks and was the only cosmetic available in the Dreamer Set. It will likely return to the Item Shop along with the Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman Zero and other DC skins.

For now, this is one of the very few transgender skins available in the game, but that number is growing as Epic Games strives to be a little more inclusive with their representation.

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