"Fortnite was banned on iOS, and Free Fire and COD Mobile are way easier to play, affecting its growth in the Indian gaming community": Shaun "yoitsmee" Pillai, Global Esports Fortnite roster

In conversation with Shaun "yoitsmee" Pillai, Global Esports Fortnite roster (Image via Sportskeeda)
In conversation with Shaun "yoitsmee" Pillai, Global Esports Fortnite roster (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dipanjan Dey

Recently, Global Esports announced its all-Indian competitive Fortnite roster. Their goal is to cultivate a knack for the game and develop a community of professional Fortnite gamers in the nation.

Although the competitive Fortnite circuit in India might not be as popular as mobile gaming titles, there are a few mechanically gifted players in the country. 14-year-old Shaun "yoitsmee" Pillai is a battle-hardened looper who fits the bill.

Global Esports plans to establish its dominance in the region, and this landmark can be achieved stunningly with its current Fortnite roster. Their target is to win cash cups and grand tournaments like the Fortnite Championship Series.

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda Esports' Dipanjan Dey, yoitsmee opened up about his plans as a full-time competitive Fortnite player in India.

In conversation with Shaun "yoitsmee" Pillai, Global Esports Fortnite roster


Here is an excerpt of the conversation:

Q. Congratulations on joining the Global Esports Fortnite pro roster. Give us an origin story? Tell our readers a bit about yourself and the journey that led you to the path of becoming a professional Fortnite player in India?

A: When I was a kid, I used to play games on my old PC, mostly offline games, but I slowly got into watching Fortnite, and it was extremely fun just watching it.

So, one day I downloaded the game on my computer and played it for three months, and before I knew it, Middle East servers were here, and I started playing this game competitively.

Q. So, how long have you been playing Fortnite, and how did you come up with the ign “yoitsmee”? Tell our readers a bit about your early days and struggles.

A: The ign “yoitsmee” was an accident. I never intended my ign to be that. I thought my Epic Games launcher name would be yoitsmee, and my ign was supposed to be Infamus. Back when the ME servers were out, I had the worst PC, so I promised my mom and dad that after the trio FNCS, I will repay the amount of the PC, so they bought me a new one.

Q. Let us talk about your play style and some of your biggest achievements in competitive Fortnite so far?

A: My play style is aggressive mainly, and my most significant achievements are 4th in the solo cash cup, 11th and 10th in the solo FNCS, and a few more.

So far, we have not seen any large LAN events due to the pandemic. However, we are growing as a region and will hopefully have some upcoming LAN events soon.

Q. What is your approach to the upcoming Hype Cup and Trios Cash Cup in Fortnite Season 6? Do you think the current roster has what it takes to win both tournaments?

A: The cups are extremely good for players that play a slow-paced match or a fast-paced match, and the current roster may not have what it takes to win both tournaments right now. That being said, I believe we can win consecutive cups soon enough, with a little bit of practice, of course.

Q. The new dynamics included in Fortnite Season 6 have sparked numerous debates all across the competitive community. What are your thoughts about them being added to the competitive playlist?

A: In my opinion, this is extremely bad for the game as it uses all the early game phases of the game just to get useable weapons to fight. However, my teammate Ash thinks that it's a fresh change and that it changes how the game is played.

Several members of the community looked down upon this change, as Fortnite keeps changing the meta.

Q. Another significant change in Fortnite Season 6 was the introduction of Bows and vaulting of Snipers. This effectively suppresses an entire play style where precision rifles are crucial. How are players adapting to this drastic meta-change?

A: I like this idea as it removes the chance for you to waste a whole game or all your heals because of a hand slip, but the bows are balanced and skillful. It is indeed drastic, but I like how the developers are not letting just one playstyle flourish. They are encouraging players to be creative, and that is very important in a game like Fortnite.

Q. India’s soaring gaming industry is valued at $930 million and is number one in the world. However, there is not much exposure when it comes to casual or competitive Fortnite. How will this new roster influence the gaming culture in India?

A: It should influence Fortnite competitiveness a decent amount. Currently, Fortnite Mobile on iOS has been banned since there is an ongoing federal lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games.

This is one reason Fortnite Mobile couldn’t make it big, although Fortnite on PC and console still has a chance in the nation. The Indian gaming community needs more players who would want to play competitive Fortnite.

Q. India’s massive mobile gaming scene is effectively dominated by Free Fire, COD Mobile, and other battle royale games. Do you think Fortnite mobile can make a significant impact in the Indian gaming community?

A: I don’t think so, as Fortnite was banned on iOS and Free Fire and COD Mobile are way easier to understand and play. Playing on Android is all right, but the gameplay is not so smooth on budget devices.

This has affected Fortnite’s growth in the Indian gaming community. I don’t think there is a chance that Fortnite will get unbanned on iOS.

Q. Fortnite pros often practice numerous box fight routines and end-game courses. Could you walk us through some of these cycles?

A: A lot of the pros Free build Aim duel and play the Raider464 Mechanics map. It is one of the best maps to practice building, editing, and box-fighting.

Q. How would you address the perpetual KBM vs controller debate in Fortnite? Does it affect your strategy knowing that players competing on other platforms have an advantage?

A: This is a very debatable topic, but the facts are that controller aim-assist makes the game ten times easier, as the whole aim training or missing a shot is gone since the aim-assist takes care of it.

It only affects the strategy in solo game modes, as in trios, it doesn't really matter.

Q. As a professional Fortnite player in India, what do you think the community needs to become one of the most popular regions??

A: The community needs the proper guidance and confidence. One secret tip or advice for aspiring youngsters would be to keep grinding, don't lose hope, and try improving your mechanics. These three factors are the most important in Fortnite.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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