Fortnite leaks hint at upcoming storyline quests for Chapter 5 Season 3

Fortnite leaks hint at upcoming storyline quests for Chapter 5 Season 3
The Wanderer seems to be closing in on Fortnite Chapter 5. (Image via Epic Games)

As is the case with every new update, the v30.10 update has brought with it a fair share of Fortnite leaks. While players are celebrating the arrival of Metallica and all the other content in the game, Epic Games is seemingly building up the current season's storyline with the mysterious figure, The Wanderer. The new leaks hint at upcoming dialogues and quests that relate to this enigmatic personality.

The leaks were showcased on the social media platform X by FN_Assist, a prominent leaker and personality in the Fortnite community who has accurately presented information regarding Fortnite Festival's collaboration with Metallica as well as weapons added to Chapter 5 Season 3.

New Fortnite leaks suggest The Wanderer is right around the corner in Chapter 5 Season 3

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According to the leaks showcased by FN_Assist, characters and NPCs around the Chapter 5 Season 3 map will soon begin discussing a mysterious hooded figure who is watching citizens of the Island. While it is not yet confirmed that the hooded figure is The Wanderer, it would only make sense for this to be the case, as The Wanderer has been teased ever since Chapter 5 Season 2.

Additionally, an artwork of The Wanderer can be seen on the now de-railed Train near the Orchard Station, so it would only make sense for the hooded figure being discussed in the leaked dialogues.

While it is not yet known what NPCs will interact with the upcoming quests, the leaks do give us an idea of what dialogues players can expect from NPCs:

  • "Every so often, though, I feel like I'm being watched."
  • "But lately... I don't know. I feel like someone's watching me."
  • "But every time I look around, no one's there."
  • "But recently there's been this...figure. In the distance?"
  • "But they always disappear before I get a good look."
  • "I keep thinking I see some kind of hooded figure in the distance."
  • "I've been getting pretty creeped out, actually!"
  • "I've been looking over my shoulder for a while now."

As Chapter 5 Season 3 unfolds further, it will be interesting to see how Epic Games integrates the enigmatic figure of The Wanderer into the storyline and how the character shapes the future of Fortnite Chapter 5.

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