Top 10 Fortnite Icon Series skins fans want to see this season

Wonder who's going to be the new Fortnite Icon Series skin (Image via Sportskeeda)
Wonder who's going to be the new Fortnite Icon Series skin (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite Icon Series skins are a class apart. Unlike original and concept skins in-game, these are based on real larger-than-life celebrities and icons in the true sense.

From movie stars to musicians, and most importantly, content creators who helped the game grow. These unique individuals are featured in-game with their own skin, each having a special take on design.

Although there are a limited number of Fortnite Icon Series skins in circulation, rumors have begun spreading that even more will be coming to the game very soon. While it's unknown who exactly Epic Games will choose, fans have their own ideas at the moment.

Who do you think will be joining the #Fortnite Icon Series this Season? 👀

Fortnite Icon Series skins fans are eager to see in 2021: Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' werewolf, Pokimane and more

1) Maria "Chica" Lopez

Maria Lopez, better known as Chica, is currently one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the community. In fact, she's so popular that even Kathleen Belsten aka Loserfruit seems to think that Maria could just be the next Fortnite Icon Series skin to be added to the game.

2) Michael Jackson

Although the King of Pop may have departed from his earthly realm, his legend and music still live on; speaking of which, fans are vetting for a Michael Jackson Fortnite Icon Series skin in-game based on the werewolf character he played in Thriller. While there are some complications involved, Epic Games may just be able to find a workaround.

@FortniteBR It's possible to do a 'Michael Jackson' Inspired Icon Skin but one that's actually based on "Thriller" where MJ is basically a 'Werewolf aka Thriller'. Having Michael Jackson himself as an Icon Skin, won't be accepted by The Jacksons but maybe 'Thriller / Werewolf' can work.

3) Ali "SypherPK" Hassan & Nick "Nick Eh 30" Amyoony

SypherPK and Nick Eh 30 are two of the most popular content creators in the Fortnite community. It goes without saying that fans want them to be added to the game as Icon Series skins as soon as possible.

@FortniteBR @SypherPK or @NickEh30 hands down the best content creators if you talk about fortnite. Always ready when there is new stuff in the game. Good at the game self. I play on ps4 but they helpt me being good at the game every season i see the progress of gaming cus of them ❤️💯

4) Montero Lamar Hill - Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X has been making waves with his music around the world, and even before he can get his own skin in-game, renowned concept artist D3NNI already did it for Epic Games. Ever since the concept design went viral a few months ago, fans have been pestering the developers to add the skin to the game.

✦ LIL NAS X - FORTNITE SKIN CONCEPT ✦Really wanted to make a skin concept of @LilNasX if he joined Fortnite's Icon Series! Hope you like it 💗#FortniteArt #FortniteConcept

5) Charli D'Amelio

Considered by many as the Queen of TikTok, Charlie D'Amelio's rise to fame has been unprecedented. Due to her popularity, many players want her to have her own Fortnite Icon Series skin in-game.

Charli D'amelio X Fortnite [SKIN CONCEPT] 🎶Wanted to make a custom skin assoicated with TikTok since the new renegade emote came out, and figured who else other than @charlidamelio 💕&♻️ Appreciated!#FortniteArt #Fortnite #NorCalFX #NorCalGrind

6) Olivia "Loeya" Sigg

When it comes to popular female Fortnite players, Loeya stands out from the crowd. When she's not rationing opponents in Arena, she's busy making content for Fnatic. Although she has her own Locker Bundle in-game, it's not the same as a proper Icon Series skin.

@FortniteBR @Loeya please and thank you! Yeah i know she has a Locker Bundle but it's not the same, so 🤫🤫🤫!!

7) Alastair "Ali-A" Aiken

Despite being called out for clickbait content on several occasions, Ali-A remains, till date, one of the most popular Fortnite content creators on YouTube. Although he may not be as popular as he once was, long-time fans would still love to see his Icon Series skin added to the game.

Fortnite Icon Series @OMGitsAliA Skin ConceptI’m posting it here in case you don’t see it on discord The skin is wearing Ali A’s hoodie Merch and I know Ali likes the superhero carbide and omega skins so I made a superhero style (More info in the description)

8) Pokimane

Although her Icon Series emote has already been added to the game, fans will not stop until she becomes a Fortnite Icon Series skin as well. Given her huge following on Twitch, it's no surprise that fans and followers want Pokimane to become a part of the game in a larger way.

Pokimane X Fortnite - Skin Concept Art#FortniteArt

9) Billie Eilish

Following Billie Eilish's subsequent rise to fame over the years, it didn't take long for concept artists to conceptualize her as a Fortnite Icon Series skin. Given her association with pop culture and her fan following, Epic Games may just add her to the game soon.

10) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was scheduled to come to the game alongside LeBron James, but something must have gone wrong as fans never got to see his Fortnite Icon Series skin in-game.

So U tell me that The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson wasn't The Fundation?? Lett me tell ya something...Coincidence ?! I dont think so !#fortnite #FortniteSeason6

While some fans are under the impression that The Foundation is voiced by none other than Dwayne Johnson, nothing can be said with absolute certainty at the moment.

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