The 5 types of Fortnite players you will encounter in every game

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}

With the recent launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, old and new players alike have been drawn into the new "Primal" storyline.

As more players aim to achieve their #1 Victory Royale and move though this Season's battle pass, trends in player strategies are being discovered.

5 types of Fortnite players

#1 - The Fortnite Builder

Perhaps considered the "classic" Fortnite gameplay method, having the ability to quickly build during a battle royale is a skill obtained through dedication and practice.

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Experienced builders are able to throw up multi-level structures in the blink of an eye.

Loopers who can properly and smoothly utilize these building tools are at an advantage over players who have not mastered this skill. Buildable walls, forts, and structures, not only provide cover from incoming fire, but allow these players to control the battlefield as well.

The advantage to being a player dedicated to their building strategy is that the opportunity to hide down low and shoot from above is available.

The disadvantage to the building method is that creating these structures takes time and materials. Should a player use their materials too quickly, or not have the ability to gather enough before the storm shrinks, they will not be able to default to playing into their comfort zone.

#2 - The Sharpshooter

Perhaps the direct opposite of the build-focused player, loopers who are considered sharpshooters focus solely on finding their most trusted weapon and taking aim.

Sharpshooting gameplay applies to more than the typical sniper.

Fortnite players who are considered sharpshooters are skilled with any weapon, whether they use a pistol in close range or a bow from a distance.

Advantages to loopers who identify as sharpshooters is the ease in which their main goal is reached. Players quick on the draw with steady hands have the speed and skill to wipe opponents out quickly.

Sharpshooting does have its disadvantages, though. When facing build-focused players, the offensive sharpshooters are forced to assume a defensive role. Players who stand by their weapons in this scenario will lose the control they might typically have in-game.

#3 - The Turtler

Humorously named after an animal known for living in a shell, the Fortnite turtler will hide in various locations across the map and refuse to engage the enemy by any means.

Notoriously shamed by other players, these hide-and-go-seek loopers find their fun outside of the battle.

Fortnite players who fall under this category typically stick to the edge of the storm. Their main goal is to allow the more aggressive competitors to wipe out the competition, allowing them to sneak up on the remaining opponents.

The advantages of turtling are clear, as this method allows loopers to place fairly high in the battle royale. Fortnite turtlers also always have their back covered, as the storm is right behind them.

However, turtling players are typically at an extreme disadvantage should they be discovered. Refusing to engage until probed often means limited aim practice, turning turtles into sitting ducks.

#4 - The Fortnite Explorer / Animal Tamer

Speaking of animals, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 brought with it the new in-game ability to interact with animals by taming them or hunting them for resources.

Players who take fondly to animals are now joining the already established category of the exploring-focused player.

{Image via u/KingFazbear42 on Reddit}
{Image via u/KingFazbear42 on Reddit}

While many Fortnite Battle Royale players enjoy the one-on-one thrill of taking out their opponents, some players simply enjoy taking in the scenery and unlocking the secrets of the game.

The Fortnite animal tamers and explorers alike are drawn to unique gameplay methods. Typically, these players deeply understand and follow the story line.

Whether these players spend their time exploring secret tunnels or looking for wolves to befriend in Season 6, the #1 Victory Royale takes a backseat to curiosity.

The advantages to being an explorative or animal taming player is the ability to enjoy the new features, graphics, and hidden secrets within each season of Fortnite. The stress of the battle can wait while these players take to the finer things in life.

The disadvantage to this gameplay style, much like those with turtling, is that these players can often lack the necessary offensive skills to survive.

#5 - The Newbie

Perhaps the most common type of Fortnite player, the newbie is a type of player that everyone is at some point, as all loopers have to start somewhere.

With many games comes many different kinds of players. Whether Fortnite players are brand new to the competitive battle royale style, or transferring over skills obtained elsewhere, every Fortnite looper is a newbie, at least for a little while.

The advantages of being a Fortnite newbie are unlike any other player type. Newbies will have the opportunity, at this point, to join in on the exciting advancements of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 with experienced gamers. This means that the knowledge, understanding, and love for the game, are being passed on, as Epic Games continues to expand on the experiences yet to come.

Likewise, the disadvantage to the newbie-type gamer include run-ins with toxic members of the gaming community. The tweet above is a lighthearted commentary on the bullying that new (and old) gamers can experience while attempting to earn their first #1 Victory Royale.

Howevever, should a Fortnite newbie hold on to their dedication and appreciation for the game, they can expect to move on to one of the four other types of players listed in no time.

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