iPhone SE (3rd gen) at Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022): Expected price, discounts, and more

A new generation of the SE devices have been launched recently (images via Apple, Amazon)
A new generation of the SE devices were launched recently (Images via Apple, Amazon)

The iPhone SE (3rd gen) could open up new opportunities for buyers during the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) if things go as per plans. A new generation of special editions was recently launched following an international promo.

Being the cheapest iPhone available on the market, there's always a major interest in the device from fans all around the world.

Premium devices are usually not the cheapest in India, and here's where the advantages of the Great Indian Festival (2022) come up. Apple devices have been part of the annual sale, which provides some amazing discounts for consumers during this particular period.

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The mobile department typically gets a lot of items at hefty discounts, which includes both budget and premium options. This creates a great opportunity for the 3rd generation of the iPhone SE to go on sale as well. There are some strong reasons to believe why it could be part of the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) once the event goes live next week.

The Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) could be the first instance for 3rd gen iPhone SE to get a discount

Firstly, it's important to remember that the iPhone SE's 3rd generation is a fresh launch with the new 14th generation of the main series. Both SE and the iPhone 14 are available on Amazon but don't have any discounts. To purchase the iPhone SE 3rd generation on the site, buyers must fork out the full MRP of Rs 48,900/-.

However, things could get better for an interested party once the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) starts. Apple's products have been on sale in the previous iterations, and it seems that the older devices will once again undergo a hefty discount. This could also be a great chance for Apple to increase their sales of the recent launches with a discount.


If the iPhone SE goes under sale, it would not be very reasonable to expect massive discounts. However, a potential temporary reduction of Rs 3,000-5,000/- could be the industry standard for mobiles priced around the Rs 50,000/- mark. While it might seem strange that Apple will be giving a discount soon, there are potential benefits for the brand.

Apple relies greatly on its ecosystem, and software-related sales are an important revenue-earner for the company. For instance, they have competitively priced the cost of services like Apple One so that more users can opt for them.

The iPhone SE will serve this purpose perfectly as it doesn't break the bank, unlike the 14th generation. Yet, buyers will be able to access the ecosystem and all the advantages that come with it.

Hence, it makes every sense for Apple to include its recent releases in the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022). Additionally, every brand wants to boost immediate sales after launching a new product. The iPhones are now selling better than ever, and with no iPhone 14 mini, the SE could be the one to go for if someone wants a cheaper option.


The device is an interesting option as it has certain limitations owing to its lower price. The 4.7" display might be sharp, but it's smaller than the mini variant's screens. However, things look better beyond the screen size as the model retains certain features from the iPhone 14.

It includes the same A15 Bionic chip, which now comes with one extra core. Apple claims this will result in even greater user power and efficiency. It's certainly an interesting device and remains an effective alternative in the wake of the mini version shutting down, and it will be interesting to find out if it can secure a discount at the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022).

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