What is the best desk size for gaming? (2022)

The best desk houses everything comfortably (Image via Reddit/u/BarberSon)
The best desk houses everything comfortably (Image via Reddit/u/BarberSon)

When it comes to gaming setups, the desk size should be big enough to cater to all the required peripherals, including enough space for the keyboard and mousepad side by side. Have you ever run out of mousepad space when playing a first-person shooter and lost a fight? This is something a lot of gamers struggle with, space.

If you are a console gamer, you may not have experienced having space problems on a desktop because having a console gives you the liberty to sit on the couch and hold the controller in your hands while gaming. However, for PC users, a dedicated desk is needed to have an enjoyable experience. But what size suits a PC gamer the most?

The best desk size for gaming


The best desk size for you is one that is comfortable and nicely fits all your components without cramping anything. Usually, a gaming desk should have dimensions of 60inch width x 30inch depth x 30inch height, which is enough space to fit all the peripherals and a few more gadgets.

The best desktop size also depends on your gaming style. If you use your mouse with your wrist only, you do not need to have a big desktop as your arm can rest on the chair arm. However, if you use the mouse with your whole arm, you need to have enough depth on the desk to rest your arm for comfortable movements.

Adjustments to save desk-space

The Razer Huntsman Mini is a great 60% gaming keyboard (Image via Razer)
The Razer Huntsman Mini is a great 60% gaming keyboard (Image via Razer)

There can be some adjustments made to the peripherals you have to efficiently make use of the desk size. For example, you can buy a 60% gaming keyboard, which is smaller but is equally functional. In such keyboards, keys like the function keys, arrow keys, num-pad, and some more are removed but can be used by combing another key and the Fn key. A 60% keyboard saves a lot of space without any real liability.

Additionally, the monitor can be mounted on the wall to free up some extra space that can be used for speakers and other gadgets. Most gaming monitors that are on the market are compatible with a VESA mounting bracket that can be bought from Amazon. VESA is a standard used by most monitor brands that have four mounting holes in the back, which are equally spaced. The VESA arm mount is incredibly flexible and allows the monitor to swivel, tilt, pivot, and adjust the height.

If you keep your gaming PC on top of the desk, moving it under the table will save you a lot of space and offer more room to move your mouse around.

Other types of desks

Coleshome L-shaped computer table (Image via Amazon)
Coleshome L-shaped computer table (Image via Amazon)

The best desk does not have to be a regular rectangular-shaped desk. An L-shaped desk that sits in the corner of the room can also be a good alternative. This is an excellent choice as it makes efficient use of space in the room, and also gives you ample space to keep gadgets, the PC, and even a dual-monitor setup, as they are available in various desk sizes.

There are also standing desks that you can buy if you want to save space by not having a chair in the room. Standing desks have multiple benefits like it is healthy to stand rather than sit for longer periods of time, and reports say it helps boost productivity in people. However, users will need to make some cable-management adjustments when switching from sitting to standing.

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