3 interesting fan theories around Big Smoke’s infamous order in GTA San Andreas

Image via GTA seriesguides, YouTube
Image via GTA seriesguides, YouTube

Probably every fan of GTA San Andreas can verbatim quote Big Smoke's order at Cluckin' Bell that went viral years after the game was released. The line is practically etched onto the player's mind as it is simply one of the most hilarious bits of writing in the series. Here's Big Smoke's infamous order:

"I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda."

GTA fans love to dive deep into what each aspect of the game means since there is always a lot of complex writing involved with Rockstar's titles. Typically, Rockstar Games' writing does not allow for throwaway scenes and gags, and each event and line spoken has meaning.

Therefore, Big Smoke's order from GTA San Andreas has invited all sorts of interesting conjecture as to why he ordered so much.

Top 3 fan theories around Big Smoke’s infamous order in GTA San Andreas

#1 - Stalling for the Ballas


One of the most prevalent fan theories as to why Big Smoke ordered so much is to do with his allegiance to the Ballas. Towards the end of GTA San Andreas, CJ and the players discover that Big Smoke had been in cahoots with the Ballas.

Combining that knowledge with how he refused to shoot at them during this mission as he was "eating" is pretty incriminating. Therefore, it stands to reason that Big Smoke was trying to stall CJ and the gang so that the Ballas could have free reign.

During the mission, Ryder spotted a Ballas car, supposedly the same one that had previously chased them earlier at the start of GTA San Andreas.

Perhaps the Ballas present there had jumped the gun and were supposed to sneak up on CJ and the gang before they could spot them. But CJ and the gang were able to move quickly and stop the Ballas before they could deal out real damage.

#2 - He was repeating the order


One other theory that seems to have a lot of legs and credibility amongst GTA fans is that Big Smoke was merely repeating everyone else's order before ordering for himself.

According to the theory, this is the exact breakup of Big Smoke's order from GTA San Andreas:

  • 2x Number 9 (For CJ and Ryder)
  • 1x Number 9 Large (For Himself)
  • 1x Number 6 with Extra Dip (For Sweet)
  • 2x Number 45s with Cheese (For Himself)
  • 1x Large Soda (For Himself)
  • 1x Number 7 (For Himself)

The reason why this has legs to stand on is because the Number 9 and the Number 6 with the Extra Dip were indeed ordered by CJ, Ryder, and Sweet. Therefore, it stands to reason that Big Smoke was ordering only the latter for himself.

While still quite large on its own, it isn't nearly as humongous as the entire order itself, as the wording of the order seems to imply.

#3 - He genuinely needed the food


Though Big Smoke isn't exactly the most sympathetic character in GTA San Andreas, he was dealing with a lot of pressure. On the one hand, he had C.R.A.S.H to deal with as Tenpenny had intimidated him into submission, and on the other, he had the Ballas.

As Big Smoke was trying to play three dangerous sides at once (C.R.A.S.H, Ballas, and Grove Street), he was constantly under a cloud of threat. That kind of pressure has to be extremely taxing, and eating a bunch of food from Cluckin' Bell is his way of coping with it.

While others might take to self-medication, Big Smoke's vice is fast food. His comments at the end of the mission suggest that keeping a cool head is key to survival, and perhaps food is how he does it.

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