3 reasons to own a CEO office in GTA Online

Offices have multiple uses in GTA Online (Image via MY-INFO)
Offices have multiple uses in GTA Online (Image via MY-INFO)

While the characters featured in GTA Online maybe the most notorious criminals in existence, a regular old-fashioned CEO office bodes well for kingpins and white collars alike.

Players can only own one Executive Office at a time for obvious reasons. Upon purchasing one in GTA Online, which does not come cheap, they become the organization's CEO, illegal business operations to be precise. More than one CEO office poses the risk of power overload, leading the player to vanity, if not downright extravagance.

That being said, investing in a CEO office allows players to do lots of stuff that might not be possible otherwise. This article looks at the top three reasons to own a CEO office in GTA Online.

Three reasons why owning a CEO office in GTA Online works well

#3 - Gamers get free snacks

Image via IceJAz
Image via IceJAz

As trivial as that may sound, not having to pay for a taste-appetizing snack and energy-boosting drink is one of the coolest things in GTA Online.

As the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-millionaire business, players are no longer required to pay for the stuff that usually treats in-game money with zero kindness whatsoever.

What's more, they also get access to free laptops and a reliable internet connection. High-end computers and a healthy wifi system are the essence of GTA Online. Why not own it in the game, too?

#2 - Players can hire associates

Image via exputer
Image via exputer

As CEO, players can hire associates to get an extra hand in completing challenging missions. After all, GTA Online is not a piece of cake, and gamers may be tempted to hire an associate every now and then.

Associates do charge $5000 for every 15 minutes in the game, but the payout of most high-paying missions can easily make up for that.

#1 Opens up extra streams of income

Image via gta5-mods
Image via gta5-mods

This is perhaps the most important reason to own a CEO office in GTA Online. It's never a bad idea to have a passive income stream, especially when all those missions do not generate as much money as the player might have anticipated.

To create an extra stream of income, players will need to invest in a warehouse, which does cost top dollar, but the return on investment is always worth the initial stab.

There are two types of warehouses in GTA Online: Special Cargo Warehouses and Vehicles Warehouses.

The player can purchase multiple cargo warehouses but only one vehicle warehouse.

As soon as everything is in order, the big bucks should start rolling in, and in a matter of days, the money invested in the CEO office would work like a lead magnet, multiplying the numbers with every order.

Note: This copy reflects the writer's personal opinion, and what may seem better for one may not be so for another.

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