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5 best graphics mods for GTA 5 Story Mode

The modding community never seems to be satisfied with GTA 5
The modding community never seems to be satisfied with GTA 5's visuals (Image via GTA5Mods)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 29 Mar 2021

Despite its age, GTA 5 remains one of the best-looking games one can fire up on their PCs. This is a testament to how forward-thinking Rockstar Games is with regards to the visual quality of their games and the tech that goes into making them.

Despite how brilliant GTA 5 looks, however, the modding community never seems to be satisfied with its graphics. This is why modders regularly churn out quality mods that enhance the visual experience of the game.

What are the 5 best graphics mods for GTA 5 Story Mode?

#5 Project Reload

The Project Reload mod re-textures old assets, making changes to the lighting and shaders to give GTA 5 a major facelift.

Many consider this mod to be the definitive graphics package for GTA 5 because of how subtle it is in its approach. Instead of going overboard with the reflections or shiny surfaces, this mod takes a much more refined approach to improve the visual experience.

#4 PRSA - Photo Realistic San Andreas


The PRSA mod takes a holistic approach to visual upgrades and changes a lot of lighting and weather effects.

Through the use of custom shaders, this mod is able to bring out the most photorealism out of GTA 5, but it can be pretty taxing for a GPU.

#3 HD Low-End

Not everyone wants to drop a thousand bucks on a PC build or the 3080. This is why mods like HD Low-End are so great. Even with a relatively okay PC, players can enjoy HD textures and a visual upgrade through the use of this mod.


The mod enables users to play GTA 5 in all its visual glory even with less powerful integrated graphics.

#2 Rockstar Enhancer PhotoRealism

Rockstar Enhancer PhotoRealism is one of the more popular photorealism mods. Players must ensure that their GPU is ready to take on a beating when using this mod as it can get quite taxing.

This mod enhances just about every visual aspect of the game, from the textures on assets to lighting and reflection quality.

Players who are looking to test out their GPU can try out this mod.

#1 VisualV


VisualV is one of the most popular graphics mods available for GTA 5. This mod works on almost everything from scratch - even adjusting the color correction - to make the game look better.

VisualV is one of the most well-designed mods right now and is definitely something that fans of great graphics mods should check out.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 12:25 IST
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