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5 best GTA 4 vehicle mods in 2021

GTA 4 is home to some spectacular car mods (image via GTAall)
GTA 4 is home to some spectacular car mods (image via GTAall)
Danyal Arabi
Modified 04 Apr 2021

GTA 4's days in the spotlight may have faded, but players can infuse new life into their gameplay experience by swapping out the in-game car models with some stunning community made vehicle mods.

With it's arguably superior physics engine and damage model compared to GTA 5's, GTA 4's vehicle mods can change the gameplay experience for players entirely whether it's changes to the handling or adding real life automobiles to the game.

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5 best vehicle mods in GTA 4

5. GTA 4 realistic car pack

GTA 4 Realistic Car Pack swaps out the in-game car models for licensed vehicles complete with updated vehicle stats, handling lines and damage models. The cars range from everyday vehicles like the VW Golf to exotics like the Posche 911 GT3 RS, which make for a fresh driving experience.


4. Ghost Rider bike and abilities

One from the archive, GTA 4's Ghost Rider mod puts the flaming motorcycle of legend in the player's hands, complete with a model swapped skin with Ghost Rider's flaming skull and abilities. The mod makes for a unique superhero experience that can provide hours of fun in free roam.

3. Jetpacks

Another mod from JulioNIB on this list, the Jetpack mod for GTA 4 brings back a mode of transport from San Andreas. Available via a cheat code or in the Verdant Meadows Airfield after completing the Area 69 mission in GTA San Andreas, the Jetpack was a fan-favorite, whose presence was sorely missed by players in GTA 4.

2. BMX


Another gameplay element that players longed for in GTA 4 but wasn't present, the BMX bicycle returns in the form of a mod for players looking to unleash their inner Tony Hawk. The mod comes complete with suspension physics, bunny hop mechanics and all the bells and whistles of the GTA San Andreas BMX bike.

1. P-996 Lazer

GTA 4 was missing a critical gameplay element that players had come to love in GTA San Andreas and that was planes. Players were limited to only flying helicopters in GTA 4, which called for a modder to release a script that ported GTA 5's P-996 Lazer into its predecessor.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 00:05 IST
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