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5 best GTA Online cars that also featured in previous games

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 16 Feb 2021
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The GTA franchise, above everything else, has also valued attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into its world-building, making it unparalleled.

Rockstar Games has gone through painstaking effort in order to attach a certain sense of lineage to the vehicles in the GTA games. To the point that each car in GTA Online (the latest iteration of vehicles in the universe) has probably had roots in previous games and such.

The studios have been able to craft entire histories of manufacturers and display the evolution of each car through several generations of iterations.

As a result, GTA Online feels more grounded in reality with its vehicles having had roots in previous games, and in turn, the world feels more authentic.

This article takes a look at some of the best vehicles in the game that have appeared in previous GTA games as well.

Top 5 GTA Online cars that also featured in previous games

#1 - Grotti Cheetah


Perhaps there are only a handful of cars that are as steeped in history as the Grotti Cheetah as it has appeared in almost every GTA game since Grand Theft Auto III. It is quite easy to see why, given the car's instantly appealing aesthetic and blisteringly dominant performance.

Players have fond memories of either driving down Vice City, being chased by cops, or tearing through Los Santos in one.

The car was also a favorite of Bounty Hunters in Vice City and would show up in one to give players a chase, making for one exciting high-speed chase.

The Grotti Cheetah is an unbelievably good-looking car and a definite must-have for GTA fans based on pure nostalgia alone.

#2 - Bravado Banshee

Similar to the Cheetah, the Banshee has had a prolific history in the GTA universe, appearing in almost every game since Grand Theft Auto III.

The Banshee was an extremely rare sight the first time it showed up in GTA III, and it was quite easy to see why.

The vehicle is an absolute monster, capable of hitting its lofty Top Speed in a matter of seconds, yet it also manages to have great handling. Its variants in GTA Online aren't too shabby either, with the 900R making for an excellent choice of car.

The Banshee looks like it is here to stay and will probably show up in the sequel to Grand Theft Auto V, given it has been present in almost every game since 2002.


#3 - Pfister Comet

The Pfister Comet might not look like much other than simply a decent-looking car with not much to offer in terms of performance. It is only when the player takes it for a spin when they understand the power that lies beneath the bonnet of the Comet.

The Comet is an absolute beast, but with elegance, as it can maneuver around corners with the grace of a ballerina and tear down straights with the aggression of a bull in heat.

The Pfister Comet has made an appearance in almost every GTA game in both the 3D and the HD Universe and is one of the most beloved cars in the community.

#4 - Pegassi Infernus

Rarely has a car been able to do this much talking without ever saying a word, as the Infernus makes an instant statement on arrival. The car is a blend of inspiration from classic Lamborghinis.


The Pegassi Infernus is fondly remembered by GTA Vice City fans as one of the best cars in the game alongside the Cheetah.

The Online version of this car is no slouch either, and while it can be outclassed by many in its category, it is still quite the looker.

If not for anything else, the car makes for a great nostalgic purchase in GTA Online.

#5 - Albany Manana

Quite distinct from the previous few cars on the list, the Albany Manana isn't meant for racing or going down a freeway with reckless abandon.

The Manana is a modder's dream and can be tinkered to death in Benny's Original Motor Works.

The Manana first made an appearance in GTA III and has made sporadic appearances throughout the series. The vehicle has gone through several iterations, and the version that exists in GTA Online makes for really fun customization.

The car might not be winning races, but it will certainly turn eyeballs as it goes down the street, making one hell of a ruckus with its obnoxiously loud engine.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 10:51 IST
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