5 best GTA Online sports cars in January 2021

Image via u/NastyWiNN3R, r/gtaonline
Image via u/NastyWiNN3R, r/gtaonline
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Of the many ways players can spend money in GTA Online, the most common use of GTA$ seems to be the numerous cars on offer.

As the name implies, Grand Theft Auto encourages players to buy all sorts of flashy, new vehicles of all sizes and shapes. However, owning one in GTA Online can open up all kinds of possibilities.

From being able to use their personal vehicles to complete missions, having them summoned to their locations, and being extremely useful for races, owning a fast car is very important in GTA Online.

The sports category is an excellent place for players looking for performance with a healthy dose of panache. Here's a look at some of the best sports cars in the game as of January 2021.

Five most potent GTA Online sports cars in January 2021

#5 - Invetero Coquette D10


The Coquette is one of the newer cars in the game, released as part of the Los Santos Summer Special update. It is every bit as flashy as expected and performs quite brilliantly as well.

The car has decent acceleration and handles quite well even around tight corners, making for a decently valuable addition to a player's garage. While far from an essential in GTA Online, the Coquette is still a reasonable buy compared to some other more extravagant purchases.

What makes it an absolute joy to drive is the car's brilliant handling, possibly one of the best in the class.

#4 - Grotti Itali GTO


Based purely on looks, players can immediately tell that the Itali GTO can pack a punch under the hood, and it does. It might not be the fastest vehicle in GTA Online, but few can go toe-to-toe against it based purely on looks.

Even though it has less than optimal handling, the car has monstrous acceleration that gives it a slight edge over other vehicles. While admittedly a little too slippery, the Itali GTO can be mighty on straights.

The sports category of cars is chock-full of pretty vehicles, but none exude the kind of class and arrogance of the Itali GTO.

#3 - Ocelot Jugular


The Ocelot Jugular is an absolute beast by all counts and measures, and it will be a long time before anyone can unseat it as the incumbent king of million-dollar sports cars.

The Jugular has thunderous acceleration and pairs it with brilliant handling to make it an extremely appealing package. For those looking to drop a million on a sports car in GTA Online, it doesn't get a lot better than this car.

It can hold its own against most other vehicles on the list and offers quite a lot of value for money.

#2 - Pfister Comet SR


The Comet is one of the most beloved cars in the GTA community and has existed in the franchise since the very start. Having gone through several iterations, this might just be the best version of the car yet.

Blending looks with an abnormally powerful engine, this car looks just as well as it drives, which is saying a lot since it looks mint. GTA Online players who love compact vehicles that can perform like the big boys will undoubtedly love the Comet SR.

The car is an absolute dream regarding handling, and players will rarely ever miss an entire corner and go skidding into the wall. The braking and handling of the Comet SR is ridiculous and a must-have for fans of sports cars in the game.

#1) - Grotti Itali RSX


The newest car on this list, the Itali RSX is part of the Cayo Perico Heist update and is a supremely valuable vehicle in GTA Online. While admittedly not as utility-focused as an armored Paragon R or a Kuruma, the Itali RSX is speed incarnate and looks every bit of its $3 million-plus price tag.

It doesn't take too much to convince players of the Itali RSX's quality as the car roars to life on straights and is surprisingly nimble around corners. The vehicle might be the most expensive in its class, but it is hard to argue that it doesn't back it up.

The Itali RSX is the most expensive sports car in GTA Online, making it a must-have for certain players in the game.

Note: This copy reflects the writer's personal opinion, and what may seem better for one may not seem the case for another.

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