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5 best mods for GTA San Andreas in 2020

 Image via PrinceY, Youtube
Image via PrinceY, Youtube
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 22 Dec 2020, 15:22 IST
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GTA San Andreas mods have done a great job of letting players experience the game in a wholly unique way years after its launch.

Not many games in history have had the staying power and the relevance of GTA San Andreas, which is almost 16 years old in 2020. The game has stayed in public view and has enjoyed tremendous popularity, much of it that it owes to memes and some truly quality mods.

The modding community for GTA is one that has kept many of its games alive and kicking long after their launch. GTA San Andreas has benefited a lot from a large number of mods that have significantly improved or altered the gaming experience.

These mods go a long way to show the modding community can extend the life of a game long past its initial release date as many are still enjoying the game in 2020 in various ways.

Top 5 mods for GTA San Andreas in 2020

#5 - V Graphics

Perhaps, the biggest obstacle for many players that stands in the way of them enjoying GTA San Andreas is the somewhat dated graphics and textures.


The game, nearly 16 years old at this point, is relatively charming with its blocky art-style and questionable animations, yet all of that can be helped with the help of this mod.

While GTA San Andreas' Los Santos won't be resembling GTA V levels of detail and finesse, this mod certainly brings it a lot closer to that point. The mod is certainly taxing on the hardware, but if the player's GPU can take it, then they owe themselves to try the game in this manner.

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#4 - GTA United

If the player ever thought about how CJ would fare in Liberty City or Vice City, then they need not look further than this mod. This replaces the map of San Andreas with that of Liberty City and Vice City.

While admittedly, there is not a lot to do apart from taking in the sights, the mod is truly representative of how far the modding community is willing to go with their mods.

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#3 - Gravity Gun


Nearly everyone in the gaming community has fond memories of the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2, and it is kind of the perfect weapon for GTA San Andreas.

CJ can now manipulate the laws of physics and send enemies, civilians, trucks, tanks, and just about everything hurtling through the air and create all sorts of chaos.

The Gravity Gun is truly one of the most ingenious weapons ever created in a game, and this mod does a great job of turning Los Santos into CJ's very own playground in a wholly new way.

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#2 - Iron Man Mod

For some odd reason, Iron Man mods have been the collective obsession of the GTA modding community for a very long time. Perhaps, the superhero's powers and inherent cool factor simply lends itself to be brought over to other games like the GTA series.

This mod not only outfits CJ in the iconic Iron Man suit but also brings along the HUD, which is always a neat touch. This mod will have players flying through the state of San Andreas, causing all kinds of havoc as CJ doesn't necessarily share Tony Stark's benevolent nature.

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#1 - CLEO Mod


The reason why the CLEO mod ranks among the very best available for GTA San Andreas fans is because it allows players to enable a bunch of mods simultaneously.

The player can mix and blend all sorts of different mods into one giant mod to have a wholly new experience. This mod helps players experience GTA San Andreas in a totally unique way. While it admittedly doesn't do much by itself, it is the gateway for other mods to be used efficiently and in combination.

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Published 22 Dec 2020, 15:22 IST
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