5 best motorcycles in GTA Online as of April 2021

(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan

Despite all the hype surrounding cars within the GTA community, there will always be those that love the danger and sense of adventure that comes with a motorcycle. A motorcycle is the true embodiment of freedom, spliced in with a healthy dose of danger and unpredictability.

If players are in the market for a fast, reliable, and nimble motorcycle in GTA Online, they will be hard-pressed to find any bikes better than those on the list. Here are some bikes that will prove useful in races and other game modes in GTA Online.

5 best motorcycles in GTA Online as of April 2021

5) Defiler


The Defiler is easily one of the best-looking machines in GTA Online and instantly makes a statement upon arrival. There's a lot to love about the Defiler underneath its looks, as it also packs quite a punch when it comes to acceleration and raw speed.

For all the good it does on straights, the Defiler seems to have no issues when it comes to turning corners, as it can easily maneuver around sharp turns. This gives the motorcycle an edge over many others in its class, which is why it is beloved as much as it is today in GTA Online.

4) Bati 801


The Bati 801 remains one of the fastest motorcycles in GTA Online, even in 2021, and continues to dominate races with many straights. However, the bike makes many concessions when it comes to corners, as it seems to have a pretty wide turning radius.

It causes the player to reduce their speed by a lot to make the turn, which doesn't help maintain a lot of speed around corners. The Bati 801 is still one of the best bikes one can buy in GTA Online. Because it is so inexpensive, it shouldn't be a major decision.

3) Deathbike


Perhaps there is nothing that can compare to the Arena War Deathbike regarding pure speed and aggression. While technically not the best vehicle for standard circuit races in GTA Online, the Deathbike is an absolute monster just about everywhere else.

It has become somewhat of a joke that the only way to win Arena War game modes is to use a Deathbike. The truth is, it isn't that much of a stretch, as no other vehicle can compare to it when it comes to speed.

2) Hakuchou Drag


The Hakuchou Drag is as reliable a motorcycle as there ever has been in GTA Online, it might not be the fastest on straights, but no other bike has handling like it. It allows the player to come into the corner at high speed and retain a lot of it coming out of the corner.

This helps shave off precious milliseconds off of the lap time, resulting in the player winning more races in GTA Online with the Hakuchou Drag.

1) Oppressor MKII


Credits where credit is due, the Oppressor MKII is still technically a bike, and it is easily the most useful of the lot. It might not be for use in races in GTA Online, but for everything else, few other vehicles can match its level of versatility.

Whether it is CEO/VIP work, MC missions, or Heist setups, the Oppressor MKII is easily one of the best purchases one will ever make in GTA Online.

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