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5 best Rockstar-created races in GTA Online

Rockstar has come up with quite a few race ideas (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rockstar has come up with quite a few race ideas (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 30 Dec 2020

Just when players think that GTA Online couldn't be any more ridiculous in terms of the game modes on offer, Rockstar Games goes the extra mile to deliver more.

However, GTA Online is still a robust third-person shooter with PvE elements while also being an arena shooter, a competent golf simulator, and a great racing game.

Driving mechanics have always been a huge focal point of the GTA franchise, and Rockstar has almost perfected the craft with years and years of trial and error. GTA 5 features perhaps the best driving/flying mechanics ever seen in open-world games, with each car having unique qualities and handling abilities of its own.

This has allowed GTA Online to include many amazing races, letting players experience the game as a great Arcade Racing title.

Five most enjoyable races created by Rockstar in GTA Online

#5 - Open Wheel - It's a Sign

Open-wheel races were more than a welcome addition in GTA Online, as Formula 1 and IndyCar fans waited patiently as Rockstar introduced rally races and even air races, but no open-wheel racing.


Open-wheel races were introduced earlier this year and are some of the best races in the game. The cars' sheer speed aside, the tracks alone merit a spot on the list as they are some of the most exciting and tightly packed circuits in GTA Online.

The "It's A Sign" race takes place right along the infamous Vinewood sign in Los Santos and makes for one heck of scenic drive that doesn't take too long to delve into chaos. The race is extremely tight, with players having to maneuver tight corners while avoiding a crash with others during the race. The one giant straight makes up for all the tight cornering gamers have to do in the race.

If it's sheer excitement one is looking for, then Open Wheel - It's A Sign is worth a try.

#4 - Hotring Circuit - Vespucci


The Super San Andreas Sports Series is chock-full of classic hotring races that all offer the signature hotring excitement typical of the real-life races. The circuits aren't particularly very intricate, but the scenery and the vehicle class can add a lot of excitement to the race.

In this track, the vehicles are restricted to Hotring Sabres, and makes for an extremely speedy and intense race. Crashes and wreckage will be frequent, with GTA Online players trying to send opponents flying halfway across the circuit every other second.

#3 - Stunt Race - Rally

Stunt races were one of the most solid additions to GTA Online in adding diversity and variations to the races. This particular track will test the player's patience and acumen for handling vehicles on rough terrain.

The circuit is filled with all sorts of ramps and tunnels to make sure that the players are always on their toes, and the Custom option lets players choose whatever sports car they own.

This makes Stunt Race - Rally one of the better stunt races in GTA Online and a definite personal favorite.

#2 - Air Race - Business Class


While admittedly, an air race isn't nearly as exciting as a ground race, it does make for a completely different experience. On this particular circuit, half the player's attention will be focused on not crashing into a skyscraper rather than trying to overtake opponents.

As a result, players are on edge all the time, and the Lazer jets' speed doesn't help at all, as they are some of the fastest planes in-game. If players are looking to test their aviation skills in GTA Online, this is the way to go.

#1 - Transform - Vinewood Thrills

Transform races are some of the most exciting jobs in GTA Online and a great way to have fun with friends while also making RP and Cash. The race will test the player's skills on various vehicles and make for some hilarious moments in the game.

Transform - Vinewood Thrills around an iconic location is a long one with 54 checkpoints and a default two laps. But the frequent mishaps, crashes, and explosions definitely keep things from getting boring.

Note: This article is the writer's personal opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not be so to another.

Published 30 Dec 2020, 12:33 IST
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